Cuba Resists

In Cuba, a few weeks ago, some of the people experienced power cuts, lack of some necessities, etc. Pro-US groups tried to channel the demonstrations in a counter-revolutionary direction. Later, more than a hundred thousand people who defended Cuba's independence and revolution gave the necessary answer to the US and its allies who are hell-bent on destroying socialist Cuba.

Cuba is a small island country. The underground and surface resources of the island are not sufficient to meet all the needs of the island people. After Cuba gained its independence, it met most of its needs from the USSR, and in return it gave them sugar, etc. After the collapse of the USSR, they met their needs with the same methods from China, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc. The country tried to buy its basic needs with tourism revenues by opening up to tourism and building joint touristic facilities with countries such as Spain. It has been meeting its oil needs from Venezuela in recent years. When the general embargo imposed on Cuba was added to the embargo imposed on Cuba by the USA and some EU countries for sixty years, Cuba began to have difficulties in meeting its petroleum products and other needs from outside. This is why the electricity is cut off and some necessities are not available.

The main reason for the poverty and poverty experienced by the Cuban people is the embargo and blockade imposed by the USA and other western powers.

The USA and its allied powers will not bring democracy and prosperity to any country they have occupied and colonised. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. are the most recent examples of this. The way have they have sent Iraq back to stone age while creating a state of permanent civil war in Afghanistan beggars description. Afghans have forgotten to live on peace---their economy is in a shambles, forcing more and more people to join the brigade of marginalised.

If anything the Cuban people have the right to protest against the government and its rulers. The Cuban people will decide the future of Cuba. The Cuban people will thwart the America-led blockade and embargo and will continue their efforts to build an independent, democratic, socialist Cuba. America and Cuban counter-revolutionaries based in the US are only trying to destabilise Cuba and establish a Cuba that is dependent on them and is the backyard of the USA as before.

The USA and its Latin lackeys must stop interfering with Cuba, other Latin American countries and other oppressed peoples of the world.

 Washington-oriented think tanks thought post-Castro Cuba would collapse like a pack of cards. No, that didn’t happen. Cubans are as resilient as before, defending their sovereignty and independence. Their self-reliance is exemplary. How their medical mission and socialist solidarity saved hundreds of thousands of lives in poor third world countries has no parallel. They even helped Italy to combat Corona virus. Their health-care system is very much at per with western countries. Communists in India and elsewhere have a lot to learn from Cuba. Tragically Cuba is being ignored in their discourse. The reasons are best known to them . Counter-revolutionary push by American agents in different parts of Cuba is being opposed by the progressives around the world, particularly the Labour Party Turkey and Workers’ Front Pakistan. The Left in India has not even issued a press statement against America’s destabilisation policy, not speak of organising protest marches before American consulates.


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Vol. 54, No. 8, Aug 22 - 28, 2021