Digital Currency
A new era of slavery has begun the Reserve Bank of India has launched its own digital currency. Like every case, digitalisation is being imposed on us in financial sector: closing bank branches, cash pushed back, it's important to understand what concept works at the root of digital currency. It's root is, cash end, cash transaction end.....

Indeed, cash, cash, is the end of personal autonomy.... It has a power that the government cannot control, so it needs to be eliminated. Obviously, the government won't tell us our true intentions because it might react.

We will be told this is for our 'good'.

Now this 'good' can be defined. This will be sold as our profit....

News of looting will be published. Crime has finally been defeated. But it won't say hacking incidents will increase, bank scams will skyrocket, the poor will be told that the rich can no longer hide their income and will be forced to pay fair taxes on their income... . Though the middle class will be slit....

We live in a society that is dominated by a very small group of very rich and very powerful.

Their biggest interest is to maintain their prosperity and power. So digitalisation is not for our benefit, but for the benefit of this small group.

You must have understood it well that digitalisation in every sector is basically increasing the wealth and control power of those small groups and the same is now going to be true with currency.

Digital currency will be the core of a compelling social governance that will mainly manage without violence because it can suppress any opposition without targeting people.

This would prove to be an inevitable way of population control, carcassing and conditioning.

The establishment of a Cashless Society is very important for the New World Order. The real purpose of the Cashless Society is complete control, universal control... And it will be presented to us as a simple and effective way to free us from crimes i.e. fascism will be presented by drowning in sugar vine.

Fascism ! Twenty first century fascism... What started with Corona, digital currency is its next biggest stage.
Henry Ford once said, "It's enough that the people of the country don't understand our banking and currency system, because if they do, I believe there will be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.
Mili Mukherjee, Kolkata

Ela Bhatt
All India Trade Union Congress sends its deepest condolences on the demise of Ela Bhatt, a Gandhian, labour rights activist and the founder of self-employed Women’s Association (SEWA). She [was] 86 and remained actively associated with SEWA activities till very recently. Her death is a loss to the labour rights movement in India. AITUC dips its flag in salute and honour of Ela Bhatt and shares the agony of the bereaved members of her family and SEWA who suffer the loss.

Committed to the cause of workers and women’s rights, Ela Bhatt has won accolades for her contribution. She was a member of ‘The Elders’, the group of world leaders that was formed by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu to contribute wisdom to some of the international issues including the Palestine issue. Her hard work won rewards and recognition. Millions of women got their identity recognised through the committed works of Ela Bhatt.

At this juncture when the labour rights and women’s rights are being denied and snatched away, at this important time of history when the trade union movement in this country is waging a struggle to retain the hard-won rights while also pursuing for the rights to sustain and grow, Ela Bhatt’s loss is indeed a great loss.
Her legacy may be carried forward by SEWA with all commitment and conviction.
Amarjeet Kaur
General Secretary
All India Trade Union Congress

The Sacred and the Scared
This is apropos to “An Appeal” by Yogendra Yadav, (dated September 4) that appeared in this much-respected journal: Frontier Weekly, Vol 55, No. 13, Sep 25-Oct 1, 2022 in the “Letters” section. Readers can detect the earnestness conveyed by the author regarding present conditions in India, “…when the constitutional values and democratic norms are being brazenly undermined and the very idea of India has come under a systematic assault. “Never before have had the values of the Republic faced as heinous an assault as they have in the recent past. …” etc. And the author emphasised the importance of the “Bharat Jodo Yatra” by Indian National Congress and “like minded political parties [and] civil society groups.” Incidentally, this appeal started with a note in Brackets, “This appeal is addressed to all peoples’ movements, organisations and activists, all civil society organisations, public intellectuals and all who hold the Constitution as the most sacred text …” and precisely that necessitated this rejoinder.

Frontier Weekly (and its readers) in its first decade of existence got some taste of Indian democracy. Article 356 of that mentioned sacred text was practised twice in West Bengal (a decade after its use in Kerala) to dislodge a democratically elected government. Frontier and many such journals could not see the light of the day due to some provisions in that sacred text that enabled declaring emergency. All the constitution makers, whatever might be reasons, by some schedules, sanctified continuation of draconian ‘codes’ and penalties of the British colonial era, never bothered about undemocratic land acquisition acts, acts like those related to Electricity transmission that gave extraordinary power over citizens and their landed property to curtail their rights (people saw recent episodes near Farakka where Mango Orchards were destroyed) and the company was not at all and/or government had no responsibility to hear alternate proposals of ‘path’ in their ’right of way’. The colonial forest act helped uprooting Adivasi people, nature and also altered the balance of nature. (Even the word ‘aboriginal tribes/peoples’ were rephrased so that never in future any tribe/people demand some extra power based on the part-word ‘original’, like the First Nations in some countries.) Only through prolonged fight, acts like FRA came into existence but there are so many provisions in many sacred texts which can jeopardise its true implementation. There are sections of CrPC permitted by those sacred texts that enable unelected officials to disallow people’s protest assembly; unelected officials can do many anti-people actions with impunity.
Sandeep Banerjee

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Vol 55, No. 22, Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2022