Mid-term Competition in US

Contending passions and fences haven’t left the just-concluded US mid-term elections. It’s not a new phenomenon in the very-recent US political history, however. The political domain is imparting lessons to its camp followers and antagonists.

The issues overwhelming the election and politics in the evil Empire now speak of the condition of the economy, and of the economy’s geopolitics.

Elections in bourgeois democracies, in cases, create contentions. But, not all cases experience contentions–a mark of maturity. Usually, contentions and conflicts are exclusive signs of the Third and Fourth World elections conducted by the crude, corrupt neo-ruling elites in those countries. Even, that doesn’t happen in all cases.

But, advanced bourgeois democracies travelling the path of contentions with elections is a rare of the rare case. That rarest sheath is being displayed in the US, the imperial godfather who teaches “democracy” round the globe.

It’s not only a sign of increasing conflict in the society. First of all, it’s a mirror image of engagement within the ruling elites. Then, it’s a photograph of present condition of the process and institutions organising and conducting the election.

These, the sign, image and photograph, don’t end respective roles abruptly; and these don’t stay suspended from sky. These stand on base; and these carry consequences. Even, these lean heavily on some other pillars of the state machine, and impact those. So, the political incidents–contentions, conflicts, doubts, threats and following incidents–don’t run easy, and not superficial.

Another aspect of the political development is its gradually increasing force and spread. None in political camps in the Empire’s establishment claims that these developments are going to wither away in foreseeable future. The political suit, rather, is the opposite–increase in intensity. This dynamics of the incidents is pregnant.

Institutions and organisations, process and mechanism related to the election are being questioned by faction or sub-faction. The act reaches to the level of near-non-trust. Threat of violence appears in precincts of election. Election officials in areas felt threatened, which part of the MSM reported. These recite something significant.

Allegations and counter-allegations threw by contending parties were not mere campaign tactics. The speed of counting votes in places, rate of mechanical failure of voting machines and scarcity of printing paper in areas, a few of questionable developments, were gestures of a condition of the process. An economic world power that spends billions of its currency for arming admirers and spreading “democracy”, which includes “gifting” computers and photocopiers, in continents faces scarcity of paper required for voting by its citizens! A world power in the area of science and technology faces failure of many of its voting machines on Election Day! These smell somewhat.

The money-play in the process of the election is an issue exposed and discussed by many for many decades, which some Third World neo-disciples of bourgeois democracy deny comprehending. This mid-term was not without money-play. One approach of analysis of the mid-term is to analyse this play of money power.

There comes the number game. Days passed to have the final number in the competition–who secured how many. That was a question of steering parts of the state machine’s steps in the market of economy and politics, at home and abroad. Interests are thumping there. They’re counting days for money.

Put all these together; and there surfaces condition of an advanced bourgeois democracy, an inconvenient area for further study essential for those Third World “Left” politicians claiming to be revolutionary but mesmerised by the bourgeois system.

With the Democrats winning marginally Biden is now doubly encouraged to back his backer--military-industrial complex. If anything Biden is not interested in ending the Ukraine war because it has opened up huge opportunities for the American merchants of death.


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Vol 55, No. 22, Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2022