Terrorist State? Who Defines?

The members of the Euro-pean Parliament (MEP), adopted a resolution in their holy ‘assembly’ in late-November. The 494-58 vote resolution named Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”. Forty-four MEP abstained.

Prior to that resolution, the gentlemen’s powerful guide had a similar resolution, and that was in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

These were in response to their camp follower Ukraine that has allegedly executed Russian prisoners of war (POWs) violating all international norms. Even the pro-government media persons in America didn’t contradict the charge of the murder of Russian POWs at point blank range. And yet Ukraine is not a terrorist state!

The learned parliamentarians do not care about limit of their authority. They think, they are the boss, and they can do and undo, say and unsay anything.

The bosses’ legally non-binding resolution said: The EU’s “current legal framework, unlike those of countries such as the United States and Canada, does not provide for the designation of a state as a sponsor of terrorism.”So what? They are morally bound to react!

When Iraq was bombed and invaded, the bosses were silent. When Libya was bombed and interfered, the bosses were silent. When Yugoslavia was bombed and torn into pieces, the bosses were silent.

These people in Europe do not see the Nazi bands and their brutalities in Russian speaking areas in Ukraine today. The bosses are so gentle and polite that Nazis do not annoy them.

What is being implemented against Cuba? It is a decades-long economic and financial embargo that is hurting the Cuban people, their food and health care systems and the entire economy. It’s being implemented by the imperialist master. Have the gentlemen of EU said a single word against this embargo? No.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s resolution called on its members to designate Russia as a “terrorist” state.

The non-binding resolution claimed that Russia is a “direct threat” to “Euro-Atlantic security”. The resolution asked that any existing restriction on the “forward deployment” of NATO forces along the Russian borders be declared “null and void.” This means it goes for aggression.

The assembly, independent of NATO, has no direct oversight over NATO policies.

The NATO PA’s newly-elected head, a French politician, said the Russian leaders “must be judged as terrorists in front of international tribunals.”

The NATO PA’s resolution followed a similar resolution adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

All these anti-Russia resolutions are part of a grand design to destabilise Russia. But the propaganda managers do not look at mirror. They will find the military and militias in Ukraine are resorting to Nazi-like acts. They will find backers of Ukrainian forces shelling civilian targets in regions that decided to join Russia.

The EU’s position on terrorism is so baseless that the move failed to get direct and open support from the US. The US Ambassador-at-large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack said that the US cannot designate Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism” since Russia does not fit the criteria.

But she didn’t forget to lend indirect support to the European move to grill Russia. She said that the US is “very interested in what the Europeans are doing”. She also said that such resolution “carries great weight”. No doubt they have developed a habit of talking in multiple voices, sometimes at cross purposes.

The bosses forget their acts of terrorism in countries. How shall US drone attack on a bridal party in Pakistan be designated? How shall US interference in Venezuela be designated? How not transferring of Venezuela’s gold, now in the UK, to the country’s government shall be designated? There are acts of sabotage in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile. How shall those be designated?

There are two criteria for definitions in the imperialist-defined “rule-based” world system–one for the bosses, and another for those the bosses consider as their enemies. This is an old fact. The resolutions, the propaganda ploys, tell this old rule.

03-12-2022 [Contributed]

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Vol 55, No. 25, Dec 18 - 24, 2022