Swamy’s Maoist Links
A new report by Massachusetts-based digital forensics firm, Arsenal Consulting, said that “Swamy was the target of an extensive malware campaign for nearly five years, the longest known for any defendant and right up until his device was seized by police in June 2019,” the Washington Post reported.

“During that period, the hacker gained full access and had complete control over his computer, dropping dozens of files into a hidden folder without his knowledge,” the Post said, citing the Arsenal report.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had arrested him on October 8, 2020. He was the 16th person to be arrested in connection with the case and charged since June 2018.

According to the report, these documents, including the so-called ‘letters to Maoists’, are cited by the police as evidence against Swamy and others.

The NIA didn’t respond to the newspaper’s request for comments.

The new findings were released after Arsenal examined an electronic copy of Swamy’s computer, at the request of his lawyers, it added.

Arsenal’s report said Swamy’s laptop was infected beginning in October 2014 with Net Wire; a malware focused on password stealing and keylogging, and also includes remote control capabilities.

The hacker copied more than 24,000 files and folders from Swamy’s computer onto his own server, the report said.

In December last year, Arsenal Consulting had confirmed that Wilson was a victim of both surveillance and incriminating document delivery for close to a year before his arrest on June 6, 2018.

In June, tech magazine Wired had claimed, citing researchers from Sentinel One, an American cyber security firm, that the hacking of e-mail accounts of activists Wilson, Varavara Rao and Delhi University professor Hany Babu were linked to the Pune police.
The Wire Staff, The Wire

Release Saibaba
Activists associated with the 'Campaign against State Repression' wondered why the acquittal granted to the accused in the case by the Bombay high court was overturned within 24 hours.

Over 30 rights organisations came together under the banner ‘Campaign against State Repression’ (CASR) in Delhi on Monday, December 5, to demand unconditional bail for professor G N Saibaba and others, who have been in jail for years for their alleged links with the outlawed Maoists.

The acquittal of Saibaba and four others in the Maoists-links case by the Nagpur bench of the Bombay high court was overturned by the Supreme Court within 24 hours, on October 15. A division bench of justices M R Shah and Bela M Trivedi at the apex court, which heard a special plea by the Union government against the acquittal orders, overturned the earlier verdict, delivered on October 14.

Speaking at the joint press conference organised by rights bodies on Monday, December 5, Saibaba’s partner, Vasantha Kumari, recounted what she had gone through on October 14-15, and how their joy after the acquittal was short-lived.

Vasantha said that it must dawn on the authorities concerned to release Saibaba immediately since his health is rapidly deteriorating. “I met Sai after the stay on his acquittal. He is suffering, from spasms and cramps and breathlessness. He has been put in the Anda cell. The cell is not covered from the top, as it is a torture cell from the time of British rule in India. The British put those who fought for freedom in that cell. Sai is battling life and death. He wrote a letter two days ago saying that he is having a lot of problems. However, no doctor is speaking openly. He is in unbearable pain. Despite his medical condition, his bail plea has been rejected. This is extremely unfortunate when rapists and murderers are out freely.”

Alongside Saibaba in the case, the police also arrested Jawaharlal Nehru University student Hem Mishra, two tribal youths Vijay Tirki and Pandu Narote, journalist Prashant Rahi and Mahesh Tirki in the case. Narote (33), convicted under UAPA charges alongside Saibaba, died in police custody in August this year.
Sumedha Pal

K P Sasi
Today (25 December 2022) came to know about the sad demise of my dear and close friend K P Sasi. I came across this creative brilliant person when I was working for my book, ‘Communalism: Illustrated Primer’. I had long chats with him on the issue of communalism. He himself was very concerned about this issue and readily agreed to draw for the book. And what a remarkable work! His cartoon, ‘skeletons talking to each other and asking their religions’ will never be forgotten. On another instance his cartoon on beauty pageant, with one of the contestant being Miss Poverty will leave its imprint on the type of work which he did in such a committed, dedicated and compassionate manner. And there are number of them which need to be re-circulated.

His film making is another great contribution. His brief film America, should be a must watch for all those who are concerned about the damage Imperialism has inflicted on the world.
Further I also worked with him closely in National Solidarity Forum for over one and half decade. He doggedly pursued the Kandhamal issue for last many years and kept us on toes to keep fighting for Human rights of victims of the violence.

Have not seen his other films but whatever little I have seen; his films, cartoons and writings are outstanding. His work will be an inspiration for us all to pursue the struggle for Human rights with deep understanding and commitment.

It is an irreparable loss for all of us working for democratic rights and trying to preserve humane values in society.

I am grieved personally.
Ram Puniyani

Dalit Atrocities Cases in UP
Out of the 28 states and 8 Union Territories only 5 states and 5 UT’s have not recorded a single case of Dalit atrocities registered in the year 2021.

In reply to a starrer question by Rajya Sabha MP and Congress minority affairs chairman Imran Pratapgarhi on the number of incidents of atrocities and attacks on Dalits in the country during the last four years and the number of FIR cases filed and ended in conviction during the last four years, the ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday presented the data of the same.

“Police" and Public Order" are State subjects under the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. The responsibilities to maintain law and order, protection of life and property of the citizens including investigation and prosecution of crime against citizens rest with the respective State Governments.” The reply read.

It further said, “The State Governments are competent to deal with such offences under the extant provisions of laws. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) compiles and publishes statistical data on crimes in its publication of Crime in India”.

BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of Dalit atrocities in the year 2021 (13146). The Yogi Adiyanath ruled state recorded 11924 in the year 2018, 11829 in 2019 and 12714 in 2020.
HW News

Vedanta Sterlite
Advertisements of the murderous Vedanta Sterlite Corporation have been appearing for the past few days in newspapers and television.

“Strike is towards Destruction, Scholarships awarded to Tuticorin children, Green Tuticorin–1.25 lakh trees planted” are advertised.

Sterlite Vedanta Corporation has been involved in various crimes like operating without permission, direct burial of hazardous waste in the soil and not creating a green belt for many years. This was revealed during the hearing of the case against the Sterlite plant by the Madras High Court.

Sterlite company and Tamil Nadu police jointly fired and severely suppressed the people in Tuticorin who protested against Sterlite issue.

Close to five years after the firing, anti-people campaign in support of the Sterlite plant has been continuing till now, justifying the firing and insisting on reopening the Sterlite plant.

But till now, the Tuticorin District Police has banned anyone from speaking against the Sterlite plant. The Tuticorin police had also told them that not to talk about ArunaJagadeesan’s statement in the recent protest held by the Indian Democratic Youth Association. Thus, the police have made it a condition that no one should speak against Sterlite during the demonstrations and protests in Tuticorin.

But in Tuticorin, continuous campaigns are going on in favour of Sterlite. The police never stopped it. Instead the police encouraged them.

In this situation, “we will act according to the final report of the CBI investigation”, says Tuticorin District Collector. In the CBI’s chargesheet, it has been recorded that the martyrs who fought were erroneous. The people of Tuticorin tore up the CBI’s chargesheet demanding that the CBI’s investigation should be discarded.

On behalf of United Anti-Sterlite People’s Federation, a special law should be enacted to remove Sterlite permanently, the murderers should be arrested and criminal action should be taken against them. It is in this situation that the people are constantly fighting to take criminal action, and advertisements are being given by Sterlite in the media.

The People’s Power strongly condemns the anti-people media for publishing advertisements of Vedanta Sterlite Corporate Company, which has been doing injustice to the people and the land of Tuticorin.

Also, a protest insisting that a special law should be passed to remove Sterlite permanently, and the murderers of the shooting should be arrested and prosecuted is to be held on December 12. In order to disrupt this, a person claiming to be Vijayakumar from People’s Power spoke inappropriately to Prof Fatima Babu. In that conversation, he falsely claimed that People’s Power was working with the Maoist organisation.

Sterlite Vedanta itself has planned and organised such a person to disrupt the people’s protest.

A few years ago Sterlite stooges published a fake press report criticising Fatima Babu in the name of People’s Power. No action has been taken so far on the complaint filed against this by the police.

All the above incidents are an attempt to disrupt the people’s protests and re-establish the Sterlite plant. It is a well-known fact that the government and Tamilnadu police are helping this effort of Vedanta Sterlite Corporation. People’s power strongly condemns this.
Vetrivel Chezhian,
State Secretary, People’s Power

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