Silent Indians

The majority of Indian citizens are witnessing almost everyday violence against their fellow citizens who are Muslims, Dalits and tribals. The growing assaults on reason, science, secularism and constitution are going to be landmarks in Indian history of diminishing democratic space and citizenship rights. It is clear that Hindutva ideology is directly promoting sectarian politics of hate which is dangerous for the unity and integrity of India, peace and prosperity of Indians. The majoritarian silence helps in empowering Hindutva to derive extra mileage in elections. Observing the systematic persecution from the sidelines while remaining silent spectators will just aggravate the crisis. Why do majority of Indians stay silent and contribute to the marginalisation of their fellow citizens who are Muslims and ethnic minorities? In due season they will be attacked with equal brutality if the Hindutva fascists go unchallenged.

The propaganda coupled with media manipulation, anti-lower caste, anti-Muslim and anti-Christian prejudice and Hindutva symbolism in the name of Indian nationalism and Hindu religion socialises the masses and normalises violence against innocent citizens. The conformation with power, prejudice, innocence, ignorance, and fear of power and caste-class opportunism are reasons behind this silent acceptance of injustice. Perhaps, more than one century of Hindutva propaganda has managed to achieve its objective of isolating religious minorities and socially disadvantaged in India. The Hindutva government patronises its own ideology and moving India in a direction of visible destruction. Amoral Hindutva despotism is a product of century long initiatives in different spheres of social, cultural, religious, political and economic life of the country. The common, innocent and gullible Indians assisted the expansion of Hindutva forces and their organisations without realising the danger of their toxic ideology of hate.

Many Indians still share the belief that Hindutva is a nationalist force and working for a developed India. In reality, Hindutva is a fascist force and working for the growth of crony capitalism allowing a few corporations to control the economic and political life of India. The Hindutva forces have entered into every sphere of national life to control the society, culture and religion within the narrow vision of Hindutva. The Hindutva ideology and its organisations are powerful enough today to follow the intimidation tactics to enforce the politics of persecution through electoral means. The next stage is going to be direct action and mass violence against religious minorities and anyone who opposes such a medieval force called Hindutva. The progressives are under attack and their place is jail in saffron ruled states. The European fascism in the form of Hindutva awaits India and Indians if there is no mass movement against it. And the communist left has failed miserably to fight the growing communal polarisation in India.

Majoritarian silence does not help the cause of India and Indians. Social harmony is the key for prosperity and economic growth. The silence does not protect citizenship rights, dignity, jobs and career. The majoritarian silence surrenders all achievements of India to a reactionary Hindutva force that is working to handover all national resources to capitalist corporations. Muslims, Christians, indigenous communities, human rights activists, journalists and intellectuals are persecuted today, and majority of Indians will be persecuted tomorrow. It is a matter of time before Hindutva hell fire engulfs all sections of society. Hindutva is still confined to a small minority of individuals, organisations but people’s silence is their strength. It is time to get out of fear psychosis and silence and protest loudly against the Hindutva brigade.

Any persecution of Muslim population by Hindutva is a persecution of all Indians. Hindutva should be defeated for the survival of India’s plurality. Hindutva is now looking for ways to further expand its base and ideology. People must react before it is too late.



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Vol 55, No. 3, Jul 17 - 23, 2022