A Year with Ukraine

A year has passed since Russia began its Special Military Operation in Ukraine. The imperialism’s proxy war in Ukraine is older, since 2014.

Guns are busy in the Ukraine battle fields. Civilian life is devastated in the European country. Millions of Ukraine civilians in their land spread out in countries in Europe are going through unfathomable sufferings–cannon-fodder of an imperialist war.

Disinformation dominates propaganda space as battles rage Ukraine towns and villages. A recent New York Times report said of exhausted Ukraine soldiers. The economy of Ukraine is in a shambles. The imperialist media ignore Ukrainian army’s shelling of civilian structures including hospitals in the regions that recently joined Russia. These bombarded areas include Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk and Zaporozhye. But western propagandists see only Russian forces committing atrocities.

Battle field scenes and reports on the battles are age-old, regular, as happens in all wars–shelling, devastation, loss, deaths, dismembered human bodies, advances, retreats and tactical retreats.

The problem goes with interpretations and propaganda. Many turn confused as they digest imperialist propaganda, miss imperialist onslaught, their hidden agenda and overlook developments in the wider area.

It was propagated that Russia had to retreat from Kiev. It was missed that Russia never claimed to occupy entire Ukraine and the country’s capital city. The Russians told: Going back from the doors of Kiev was its positive signal to facilitate negotiation, as Moscow was ceaselessly telling negotiation is the path to avoid war.

Ukraine’s enactment of constitutional provision banning negotiation, probably unprecedented in the history of diplomacy the world over, with Russia went unreported by the imperialist propaganda machine that confuses many minds including a part of the progressives.

Russia’s damn defeat that the imperialist media propagated made many including a part claiming to be left joyful, as they found graveyards of Russian tanks. Now, they find the tanks Russia sent forward initially were from the 60s and 70s–virtually obsolete in today’s battle fields. Similar goes the stories with Russian guns, ammunitions, soldiers and tactics. Now, they find Russian force deployed in the battle fields isn’t regular army.

On the opposite, the imperialist camp is facing a hollowed out-stock-scene–arms depots in countries near-empty after gifting stock to the Kiev regime. Now, a part of them, responsible and authoritative, say: it’s unlikely Russian forces would be pushed out of the territories Kiev claims as its own; the moment to defeat Russia has passed away; it’s not possible to defeat Russia; Ukraine is in a very, very difficult fight, the frontline situation is very difficult, Russia is grinding down the Ukrainians.

Now, the Kiev regime talks of non-acceptance of any Korea-like scene. There are reports that the Empire offered 20% percent of Ukraine to Russia.

Russia claims: no Korea-like division of Ukraine proposal from Moscow, a false claim; and no 20% offer. Kiev is now recognising ground reality–losses in the war.

The scene appears hopeless for Ukraine. This may create a situation most dangerous to the entire world: Ukraine’s masters may use Ukraine to use nuclear arms.

It’ll not be astonishing with Kiev using nuclear arms, if it smells a sure-defeat. The war is not limited in the Ukrainian battlefields, be it Artyomovsk (renamed by Kiev as Bakhmut), Soledar, or Severodonetsk or Lysychansk. Battles can move to new areas.

But the conflagration of war has a wider spread, beyond Ukraine–almost entire of Europe. A few places are training grounds for the proxy fighters from Ukraine, a few others are stocking places or arms depots used by the imperialists, the war is biting most of the people of the entire continent; and the entire imperialist camp has already actively joined the war. The camp was planning and organising this war for about a decade. The Minsk Agreements, brokered by Germany and France, were signed only to buy time–use ceasefire to build up powerful Ukraine armed forces to carry on war against Russia.

In truth the Ukraine conflict has been incited by the West, the triggers of the war are the Americans and the NATO, the scale and the number of sanctions show that all of this was organised a long time in advance.

It is now being told: the sanctions have been a complete failure; the EU is actually rewarding Moscow by increasing imports from Russia; effect of the sanctions on Russia is less than zero; not only the Ukraine population suffer, the US is also making Europeans suffer, everyone suffer in their daily life; it’s an economic war, from which the Americans are the beneficiaries; the Americans sell their gas to Europeans for a price four to seven times higher than they do in their own country. Eurostat data, from February to August, 2022, shows most EU states significantly increased imports from Russia; and only seven EU countries buying less from Russia and none of these seven are major economies in the EU. The sanctions are still standing as a malfunctioning tool.


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Vol 55, No. 35, Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2023