Indian Citizens
For those who have been declared foreigners or excluded from the list National Register of Citizens without just cause, it has meant a civil death with repercussions that often engulf entire families.

Since 2017, our team at CJP's Team Assam has been working tirelessly in faraway villages and districts to provide real paralegal and legal aid, as well as psychological assistance to those affected by this issue. Our district-level legal team works on 25 Foreigner Tribunal cases every month, ensuring that those who are wrongly accused are provided with the necessary legal support.

While assisting Indian citizens in Assam, CJP has encountered many cases of people from disadvantaged backgrounds struggling to defend their citizenship. We recently came across the case of Sukur Ali, a man who begs for his living and was expected to defend his citizenship, despite being on the National Register of Citizens (NRC). But CJP was able to fight his case and he has been declared an Indian, finally!

One more Assamese who had been "suspected of being a foreigner" by the Foreigners' Tribunal (FT) in Goalpara District, Assam, has been declared an Indian citizen. A 68-year-old elderly woman, Ajibun Nessa, belonging to the “Goriya Muslim” community was put under the scanner by the state. The Goriya Muslim community has already been identified as the "khilonjia," or Assam's original inhabitants.

Peace Plan
China under Xi has promoted itself as a neutral peacemaker, proposing a peace plan for Ukraine last month which the West largely dismissed as vague at best, and at worst a ploy to buy time for Putin to regroup his forces.

"A ceasefire right now, freezing the lines where they are, basically gives him the time and space he needs to try to re-equip, to re-man, to make up for that resource expenditure," White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said.

Putin praised Xi for the plan, and blamed Kyiv and the West for rejecting it. Kyiv, for its part, has cautiously welcomed the Chinese proposal while urging Beijing to consider Ukraine's own peace plan. Zelensky has called on Xi to speak to him.

Ukraine says there can be no peace unless Russia withdraws from occupied land. Moscow says Kyiv must recognise territorial "realities", referring to Russia's claim to have annexed a fifth of Ukraine.

After Ukraine recaptured territory throughout the second half of 2022, Moscow launched a massive winter offensive using hundreds of thousands of freshly called-up reservists and convicts recruited as mercenaries from jail.

Despite the bloodiest fighting of the war, which both sides describe as a meat grinder, the front line has barely moved for four months.
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Vol 55, No. 41, April 9 - 15, 2023