“The Privileged Class”
A well-known catchphrase says: "Children in the USSR are the only privileged class." The history of its origin is associated with an outstanding figure in the peace movement, laureate of the International Stalin Prize "For the strengthening of peace between peoples", head of the Anglo-Soviet Friendship Society, rector of Canterbury Cathedral, Dr Hewlett Johnson. The details were described in the article by N Parfyonova "The Privileged Class", published on November 5, 1957 in the "Teacher's Newspaper":

“Once in Scotland, during the stay of the Soviet delegation of teachers, at one of the mass rallies, one of those present asked the rector of Canterbury Cathedral, Hewlett Johnson, who had just returned from the Soviet Union: “Tell me, is there a privileged class in the USSR?” Hewlett Johnson replied: “Yes. These are kids!"
Yakov Sverdlov
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Vol 56, No. 1, Jul 2 - 8, 2023