Jabalia Refugee Camp
Dozens of people have been killed in an Israeli air raid on the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, according to a medical official and Palestinian authorities in the besieged territory.

The health ministry in Gaza said more than 50 people were killed and scores of others wounded in the Israeli bombardment.

An Israeli military official confirmed an attack on the Jabalia refugee camp.

“There was a very senior Hamas commander in that area”, Israeli army spokesperson Richard Hecht told CNN. “We’re looking into it and we’ll be coming out with more data as we learn what happened there”.

In footage of the scene after the strike on Jabalia, residents can be seen standing around large craters in the earth and piles of rubble as rescuers scramble to locate survivors under collapsed buildings.

Israel launched the assault after Hamas, the armed group that governs Gaza, carried out a devastating attack on southern Israel, killing at least 1,400 people, most of them civilians, according to Israeli authorities.

Israel has also imposed a “complete siege” on Gaza, severely restricting access to water, electricity, food, and fuel for the strip’s more than 2.3 million residents. United Nations officials have said that more than half of Gaza’s population has been displaced by the fighting.
Al Jazeera

‘The Voice of Gaza’
Wael Dahdouh was live on air when he got the news: an Israeli raid had destroyed the home his family was in. His wife, son, daughter and two grandchildren were dead.

The veteran Al Jazeera correspondent’s family had fled Israeli bombardment in Gaza City to stay with relatives at the Nuseirat refugee camp–an area Israel had deemed was safe to evacuate to.

His daughter, Sham, was seven, and his son Mahmoud, was a senior in high school who wanted to be a journalist like his father.

Al Jazeera Arabic presenter Tamer Almisshal said the killing of Dahdouh’s family members is the deliberate Israeli targeting of Palestinian journalists.

He referred to his colleague as the “Voice of Gaza”.

One by one, the enclave’s hospitals are going dark, with 10 out of 35 now out of service as Israel’s siege on vital supplies, including fuel for generators, approaches its third week.

Doctors are forced to work around the clock as they face a severe shortage of supplies and medicines.

But despite Israel’s bombardment of the besieged enclave, there have been small moments to be thankful for.
In the neonatal intensive care unit of al-Shifa Hospital, a premature baby survived an emergency caesarean section performed on his dead mother, Maryam, after an air attack on her home.

Still, with so many people being killed, few are left to mourn the death of women like Maryam, who never saw her baby.
 A correspondent

Intifada Until Victory!
On October 7, the Palestinian people reminded the world that they exist and demonstrated that it is still the people who write history. In Italy and around the world we have witnessed unprecedented mobilizations in support of the Palestinian cause, reinvigorating a struggle that has lasted for more than a century and which has never died out even when the attention of the international media has waned.

Since that day the bombings on Gaza have never stopped and under the eyes of a hypocritical world the Zionist instigator has earned the excuse to perpetrate his plan of genocide.On the evening of October 17, Israel hit Al Ahli hospital, where in addition to the medical staff and patients, there were many displaced people who had gathered there in the hope of finding a safe place.

A massacre: at this moment there are around 4741 martyrs and thousands of injured.

For years, Israeli colonialism has tried to keep attention on Palestine low in order to continue its work of ethnic cleansing undisturbed.Arrests among Palestinians in '48, pogroms in Huwara and now the massacre in Gaza are criminal actions that have been going on from 1948 to today.

But the Palestinian people raised their heads again, claiming their right to resist in order to exist. Israeli colonial oppression has thrown off its mask, showing itself for what it is: an ideology of total extermination and its necessary product, with which there can be no conciliation or peace. The massacre will not stop as long as a colonial state animated by a racist ideology exists in Palestine.

There can be no peace without justice. Respect for international law in Palestine.
Palestinian Arab Democratic Union, Association of Palestinians in Italy, Palestinian community, Young Palestinians of Italy, Palestinian Student Movement in Italy

Sheetal Devi
Sheetal Devi's story of winning 2 gold and silver medals at the Para Asian Games in archery is triumph of human spirit and story of indomitable will and perseverance. Coming from a small village in J&K, she doesn't have arms but inspired by the famous armless archer Matt Stutzman shoots with her toes and has the tricolour flying high. With her inspiring story common man should stop complaining about small problems in life.
T.S. Karthik, Chennai

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