Stop World War 3

On October 27th and 28th anti-imperialist organisations and parties from around the world met in Rome for the peace conference under the banner ‘Stop the Third World War for a true and a just peace’. The Conference growing out of opposition to NATO’s reckless proxy war against Russia is an important step towards building a new internationalist anti-imperialist movement.

Despite the collapse of the USSR, NATO is yet to achieve its goal of absolute domination of the old Soviet bloc. NATO expanded to the east. Their plan is to crush all national sovereignty of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Russia. Imperialism is haunted by the ghost of communism, and even after restoration of capitalism in Russia. War and the threat of war is what drives revolutionary movements to come into existence. It drove the Russian Revolution and the creation of the Third Communist International.

For all practical purposes World War 3 is in full swing. Triggered by the war in Ukraine in 2022, World War 3 is spreading to Taiwan and South Korea and through Palestine in 2023. Today, the probability of contagion in Eastern Europe and an outbreak of war in Eastern Asia is increasingly likely.

The war and bloodshed in Ukraine had not yet ended, when the war in Palestine started in the first week of November, and the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza continues. Certainly, the tragedy of killing Palestinians will not be the last war crime and human catastrophe. They won’t allow people to live in peace. Today or tomorrow the flames of war will flare up in other regions of the world.

The root cause of all wars lies in imperialism. Imperialism is driving the world into a war crisis with “New Cold War” policy and war provocations in order to escape from the unprecedented political and economic crisis. Based on the “Grand Chessboard” strategy and NATO’s eastward policy, imperialism has been plotting to make Russia a second Yugoslavia, using “Colour Revolutions” and Neo-Nazi storm-troopers. This is essentially no different from the strategy to break China though the mandarins in Beijing are building capitalism with ‘Chinese characteristics. Additionally, the US president, the Japanese prime minister, and the South Korean president met at Camp David in the US at the end of August to form an “Asian version of NATO”, and the war exercises against North Korea are being conducted daily in Korea with nuclear bombers and nuclear aircraft carriers. Today, if either the war in Taiwan or in South Korea breaks out, the other will also automatically break out. In 1950, the Korean War broke out in the midst of the “Taiwanese War Crisis”. When the US army dragged 16 countries into the Korean War, the Chinese army had no choice but to join. The recent North Korea-Russia summit in September and the China-Russia summit in October demonstrate that the strategic cooperative relationship between North Korea, China, and Russia is deepening and developing.

 Through the First World War, an inter-imperialist war, the first socialist country emerged, and through the Second World War, an antifascist war, the socialist camp emerged on a global scale. The Third World War, an anti-imperialist war, can be the turning point to achieve global independence and peace. Palestinian people have already begun the strategic struggle to finish the occupation and domination for 75 years since 1948 and the historic struggle to realise freedom and liberation from the river to the sea.

While the war in Ukraine is an anti-imperialist and antifascist war, a liberation war and preventive war, and the wars in Taiwan and South Korea are anti-imperialist wars, national-liberation wars, and reunification wars, the war in Palestine is an anti-imperialist war, anti-Zionist war, and a liberation war. The final victory is always on the side of justice. Even though the progress is achieved through contradictions and vicissitudes, the just liberation war must win.

The World Anti-imperialist Platform was constituted, holding the banner of anti-imperialism high and announcing the “Paris Declaration” at the international conference in Paris, France, in October 2022. Having clarified its three major goals as anti-imperialist mass struggle, ideological warfare against opportunism, and consolidation of the international communist forces, the World Anti-imperialist Platform held international events and anti-imperialist struggles in Belgrade, Serbia last December, and in Caracas, Venezuela last March, and in Seoul, South Korea last May and has strived to achieve these goals.

 “The People United will never be defeated!”, will consistently struggle and progress without hesitation and wavering to change the period of the historic great-turn in which people now live into the new period of the great-upsurge, and to establish the new society where the working people become the master of the politics and the economy.


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Vol 56, No. 23, Dec 3 - 9, 2023