Cancer Day
4th February is observed as world Cancer day, when the entire world unites to fight against the global cancer epidemic.

People should salute the cancer survivors and the ones bravely fighting cancer and the entire medical fraternity for supporting these brave fighters.

Often it is the combination of medicine, the fighting spirit and the never say die attitude of patients helps them recover. Norman Cousins said “Drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recovery always is.”

The answer to Cancer is–Never Give Up, Fight Back.

It is the need of the hour to take measures on war footing to tackle the scourge of cancer that is spreading across the world.
T S Karthik

Unity Rally in Dumka
There is an attempt to divide the tribal community on religious lines. About one and a half months ago, a mega rally was taken out in Dumka in support of delisting the Scheduled Tribe people who changed their religion. They demanded that they should be removed from ST reservation category. Instead they should be included in minority category. For this, a meeting was organised at Rasikpur ground in Dumka, in which thousands of people from all over Jharkhand had come. It was led by former MP Kadiya Munda. Dumka’s BJP MP Sunil Soren also participated in this programme. In the delisting rally, everyone in one voice demanded from the Central Government that it should bring such a law that the converted person should not get the benefit of ST reservation. They should be removed from the list of ST reservation.

In response to the delisting rally, thousands of people of Santhal community took out a Tribal Unity rally under the banner of Adivasi Ekta Manch. This mega rally started from Gandhi Maidan of the city and reached Gandhi Maidan again via Ambedkar Chowk and Main Road and turned into a public meeting. A large number of women, men, youth and elderly participated in the rally. Everyone said in one voice that stop the nefarious design of dividing the tribals in the name of religion. ‘First we are tribals, second comes our religion’.
Adivasi Ekta Manch

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