‘Bail is the Rule, Jail is an Exception’
Sri Hon'ble
Dr Justice D Y Chandrachud
The Chief Justice of India
Supreme Court of India
New Delhi
(through proper channel)
Dear Sir,
I often wonder as to in what sort of democracy we are in, and how miserable our justice delivery system is. The glaring examples are the recent arrests of AravindKejriwal and others in the so-called Liquor Scam and the denial of even release on bail to them. If such was the case with the British imperialists or American ones, we could not even have a M N Roy and his radical humanism now in the world. Nor could we have our freedom struggle promoted with innumerable freedom fighters like Madam Cama given shelter and liberty in foreign lands though obviously they were targeted with graver criminal offences at home and even abroad. It is very painful for us to see in independent India even a sitting Chief Minister languishing in prison on dubious charges without even being released on bail and prior to him his deputy Chief Minister in the same or similar case. Please intervene urgently and see to it that "Bail is the rule, Jail is an exception," is not an empty phrase but a steel framework saying which should strictly work for all citizens/persons in India, especially reputed public servants and political activists, who represent various sections of the masses.
Hope you will ponder seriously over this letter message of mine and do the needed justice.
Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
I Mallikarjuna Sharma,
Editor, Law Animated World
(now being published online only)

Demonstration against Wars
The collective organising the May Action Week in Prague is calling for an anti-war demonstration to take place on Friday 24 May 2024 at 5pm on Palacký Square.

War is a phenomenon that not only theoretically, but also very concretely intrudes upon everyone’s life. Under the current social order, there is no boundary separating life in war from life in peace. We are all at war. Only the ways in which the reality of war affects us differ. Some are living on the home front in bombed-out cities, others are sent to the front to serve as cannon fodder, and some others are forced to sell their labour force, which turns the wheels of the war economy. We are all also targets of war propaganda designed to induce us to engage in one form of war or another. Finally, we are also all indoctrinated with the so-called duty to sacrifice ourselves in war for the sake of the country, the nation, the people, the economy, democracy, religion…

We don’t want to demand for this or that State’s army to be better equipped in the name of supporting the “lesser evil” because history has taught us that de-escalation of wars is brought about by subverting the war machine, not by fuelling it.

Wars are a global phenomenon to which we respond with internationalist mobilization. We do not limit ourselves to one region and language, so the demonstration will feature voices in Czech, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, and possibly other languages, which we can use to articulate our positions and argue for collective anti-war action.
Anti-War Congress, Prague

Yuva Sankalp 2024
YuvaSankalp 2024 is a resolution adopted by different student and youth organisations from across India, which holds the ruling party accountable for the issues concerning the students and the youth, including expensive education and extensive joblessness.

The resolution outlines various issues affecting the youth, including expensive education, widespread unemployment, and the spread of hate and violence orchestrated by ruling party to further its agendas. It highlights the decline in the education budget, the shutdown of scholarship schemes, the increase in fees in government colleges and universities, the saffronisation of education, and the replacement of scientific and historical facts with propaganda.

The resolution notes the failure of the Modi government to fulfil its promise of creating two crore jobs, with government jobs being privatised and casualised, and unemployment rates reaching their highest levels in decades. The resolution also condemns the government's handling of paper leaks in exams and its failure to address rural livelihood challenges.

The resolution denounces the repression faced by youth protesting for their rights and the erosion of fundamental rights and democratic values. It accuses the ruling party of prioritizing the interests of big corporates over those of the common people, selling national assets and natural resources at bargain prices and engaging in corruption and money laundering through electoral bonds.

The resolution calls upon the Young India to recognise their historic responsibility and punish and defeat the BJP in the ensuing parliamentary elections and secure the future of India.
Napm India

Nepal–Another Hindu Rashtra?
Recently thousands of people in Nepal mobilised on the streets of Kathmandu in an anti-government protest organised by the RastriyaPrajatantra Party (RPP). The protesters favour the restoration of Nepal’s constitutional monarchy and the return of a Hindu state–both of which came to an end in 2008, when Nepal became a secular republic, ending a long-running civil war.

Royalists are loyal to King Gyanendra, the last king of Nepal, who has largely stayed out of the public eye since he stepped down. The RPP is the fifth-largest party in Nepal’s parliament, and pro-monarchy sentiment isn’t widespread in the country. But the protest is a reminder of the disillusionment harboured by some Nepalis toward the country’s current political system; since 2008, Nepal has been beset by political squabbling and instability.

Thirteen governments have ruled in the last 16 years, and political tensions have compounded Nepal’s inability to rein in corruption and economic stress. Modi’sBharatiyaJanata Party has allegedly exerted influence over the RPP and pushed it to advocate for the restoration of a Hindu state in Nepal. RPP leaders have rejected this allegation.)
Michael Kugelman
[Michael Kugelman is the director of the South Asia Institute at the Wilson Centre in Washington.]

Hate Speeches in Maharashtra
In the relentless pursuit of justice and communal harmony, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) persists in its fight against hate speech. Over the past months, our efforts have intensified as we confront the scourge of divisive rhetoric that threatens the fabric of our society. Since the dawn of 2024, we have been vigilant witnesses to a distressing trend: the proliferation of hate speech by influential figures across Maharashtra.

In our latest stride, CJP has taken decisive action, lodging police complaints in a total of ten instances where leaders have unabashedly propagated messages of animosity and division. Among those implicated are individuals whose words carry weight in public discourse: Kajal Hindustani, T Raja Singh, Nitesh Rane and Ashwini Upadhyay. These individuals, through their repeated communal speeches, have contributed to the erosion of communal harmony in our communities.

Incendiary remarks by Nitesh Rane and AshwiniUpadhyay span multiple locations in Maharashtra. CJP sends 3 complaints to Police.

7 Complaints urge police to invoke stringent hate speech provisions, including IPC Section 153A, against repeated communal speeches delivered by Kajal Hindustani, Raja Singh, and Nitesh Rane.

Our complaints, submitted to law enforcement authorities, emphasize the gravity of the situation and urge the invocation of stringent provisions such as IPC Section 153A. It is imperative that those who sow seeds of discord face the full force of the law. CJP stands unwavering in its commitment to uphold the principles of justice, equality, and unity, and we will continue to be at the forefront of this crucial battle against hate.

‘Jai BhimWala’
This is a case of Goregaon Mumbai, wherein a Buddhist youth was made aware of the reality of caste. The said youth joined an Event Management Company as a Marketing Executive three days before the 14th of April 2024. On 14th April, he received a message on WhatsApp from his employer asking if he was a "Jai BhimWala" which is commonly used for identifying SC people. The young boy replied in affirmative to which the female owner put out flatly that she doesn't hire people from the Jai Bhim community.

The youth, in all his understanding, didn't put this out for all to see but waited till the Jayanti celebrations were over. He understood that this might lead to tensions all over leading to a law and order situation. He then contacted the team of advocates and social activists to file a report under the Atrocity & Protection of Civil Rights Act at the Goregaon Police Station, Mumbai.

Adv. Deepak Sonavane, Buddhabhushan Shinde, Sanjay Kirtikar, Baba Shinde, Santosh Gangawane, VivekShirke, Ambedkarite activists and the family of the victim were present at the police station to file this report. The report has been filed. But the question that remains unanswered is, will the naysayers acknowledge this monster of caste that lives amongst us?
Himanshu Khobragade,

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Vol 56, No. 45, May 5 - 11, 2024