A Show in Vilnius

The recently-held NATO summit in Vilnius was a re-enactment of an old show. There was the question of showing unity in the war alliance as disagreements were surfacing. There was the question of Ukraine–what to do and what not to do with the proxy warrior. There was the question of expansion of the war coalition.

Ukraine’s demand was a timetable for full membership in the war club. But NATO was not willing to take the risk. The military alliance’s limit came to light. France, Germany, the UK and the USA made commitment to a long term plan to arm and modernise the Ukrainian army. The US-EU axis doesn’t want a direct confrontation with Russia. The Kiev regime went rejected. Actually, it was NATO’s strong rejection of Ukraine’s membership-wish.

To the NATO, the Kiev administration is now appearing a dilemma, if not a burden. Vladimir Zelensky was handed over two consolation gifts–NATO-Ukraine Council and G7’s security guarantee. But this guarantee is actually meaningless unless the US provides Kiev an effective guarantee. Once, there was also a NATO-Russia Council. But, that did not deter NATO to organise a war against Russia.

The summit turned out as a frustrating experience for the West’s poster boy–Zelensky. At one point, during the summit, he was standing alone. That was a helpless abandoned posture of America’s yes-man. Before turning cool, he turned hot, and lost his control with NATO behaviour with his regime. He demanded respect for Ukraine from NATO. Much earlier, he threatened not to go to Vilnius summit. But, he had to go there, as his master turned furious to him.

A puppet has nothing to do beyond his master’s command. A beggar has no choice. He turned meek as the master chided him. Moreover, he was seeing shadow of defeat advancing toward him. It is a typical case of a puppet. Now, a part of the Ukraine leadership understands that Ukraine is going to be a bargaining chip of major global powers.

If anything the US-EU war machine will continue its war in Ukraine. The Ukraine people will pay with their blood and destruction of homeland. But NATO’s war in Ukraine will continue till the war lobby finds its gains are less than losses. Summit or no summit the American military-industrial complex will continue profiting at the cost of the Ukrainian people.

To NATO, Ukraine is a tool that can be spent out at opportune moment. Probably, a part of Kiev regime now understands it. But they have nothing to do, other than fighting “to the last Ukrainian” if their master desires in that way. A tragedy for Ukrainian people!

The summit showed Europe’s limit also. The Europe towing to the USA finds no space for its autonomy. Its independence is now under the foot of its ally from the other side of the Atlantic. Europe now has to dance according to its leader’s script.

The military alliance’s desire–global dominance–was reiterated in the summit. To pump logic to this plan for global dominance, the war bond identifies enemies here and there–now Russia, then, China. The alliance creates logic to expand to the Asia-Pacific and the Arctic. The war design is to turn the alliance into Global NATO, which is GTO that brings the entire world under its dominance.

The imperialist alliance has now created a new enemy–China. They always need an enemy to rationalise their unjust activities. The war alignment now accuses: China challenges its interests, security and values. This is equal to claiming all in the world must go by the military alliance’s dictation.

As an indication to the alliance’s future march to the Asia-Pacific, the NATO summit was joined by Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. The alliance is planning to open office in Japan. It is the war traders’ eastward move. It is part of the Uncle Sam’s plan for global dominance.



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Vol 56, No. 5, Jul 30 - Aug 5, 2023