Targeting School
Israeli troops have launched a new ground and air offensive in central Gaza, where many Palestinians have fled in recent weeks from Rafah in the south. A predawn strike hit a UN-run school that had been sheltering displaced families. At least 140 Palestinians have been killed in the past two days according to a hospital press release.
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Hate Free Nation
In today's digital age, where information is at our fingertips, the prevalence of fake news, propaganda, and hate speech has become alarmingly pervasive. In the midst of this chaos, there's a dire need for individuals to arm themselves with the truth and actively combat misinformation. This is where CJP's HATE BUSTERS steps in.

As we stand on the precipice of a crucial moment in our nation's history, the stakes couldn't be higher. The integrity of our democratic process hangs in the balance, and the responsibility falls on all of us to safeguard it. With your support and commitment to truth and justice, we can ensure that we are free from hate and manipulation. Lets fight for HATE FREE NATION.

 With the proliferation of fake news, propaganda, and hate speech, there's a very real fear that hate speech, divisive tactics and appeals to religious, caste, or communal sentiments pose a significant threat to the democratic fabric of our nation.

Only Muslims practice Polygamy?
In this episode, aamchi Mumbai ke veteran pantars, Bade and Chote, debunk the myth of mass scale polygamy in Muslims of India.

Through rigorous fact-checking efforts, educational campaigns, and community engagement initiatives, we're arming citizens with the tools they need to distinguish fact from fiction and to resist the influence of divisive rhetoric. By promoting media literacy and critical thinking skills, we're empowering voters to make informed decisions based on evidence, rather than succumbing to fear or prejudice.

CPI-ML in ‘24 Elections
In Bihar, CPI(ML) won in two out of the three constituencies it contested. In Karakat, Rajaram Singh and in Arrah, Sudama Prasad have won. Dr. Sandeep Saurav was the runner up in Nalanda LS constituency. CPIML had also contested as part of the INDIA alliance in Kodarma (Jharkhand), where sitting MLA of Bagodar Vinod Singh was the candidate. It must be noted that after the disqualification of Manoj Manzil as the MLA from Agiaon in Bihar, due to his conviction in a politically motivated case, Agiaon had bypolls, in which ShivprakashRanjan of CPIML has won. CPIML also contested independently in parliamentary elections from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, Koraput in Odisha and Bardhaman Purba in West Bengal. Besides, the party had also fielded candidates in the Assembly elections held simultaneously in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha on five seats each in these states.
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A Deadly Alliance
Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi was one of the first world leaders to offer his country’s unequivocal support to Israel following the Hamas-led attack on October 7th. India has since dispatched combat drones as well as replacement labor to Israel to facilitate violence against Palestinians; it has also refused to criticize Israel on the international stage. At the same time, Indian police have been replicating Israeli tactics to repress protests within India itself. Now, eight months into Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, India heads to the polls in an election that is expected to deliver Modi’s Hindu nationalist movement its third term in office. For India’s religious and caste minorities, Modi’s return means the consolidation of India as a Hindu supremacist state; on a global scale, meanwhile, it heralds the expansion of authoritari-anism and the strengthening of India’s deadly alliance with Israel.

Climate Change
El Pais recently interviewed former US vice-president AL Gore, who has become a leading figure in the struggle to combat the effects of climate change and a bête noir of the fossil fuel industry, which the Nobel laureate cites as being the main actor responsible for climate change and global warming. “We are pressing against the limits of what the ecological systems of the Earth can tolerate without breaking,” the former presidential candidate said. “Extreme, climate-related events have been changing people’s minds and waking them up to the reality that we cannot continue to use the sky as an open sewer […] We can’t destroy our home, we only have one and we have to protect it. We’re not going to get rocket ships and go to Mars.”
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Targeting Christians in Pakistan
The Inter-Religious Solidarity Council condemns the recent assaults targeting Christians in Sargodha district of Punjab Province in Pakistan on May 25th that resulted in severe injuries to 10 individuals, with churches in the Mujahid Colony being attacked. The attacks took place upon allegations that a Christian man named NazirMasih (70) had desecrated the Holy Quran. A mob of enraged individuals attacked Nazir's home, resulting in his severe injuries, and also set fire to his shoe factory, several other shops and houses in the vicinity owned by Christians. Human rights groups in Pakistan allege that according to video footage of the incident that has gone viral, the police didn’t intervene for some time and allowed the violence to perpetrate (Reuters, 2024). However, according to some sources, in the aftermath, the police have booked in a FIR, 450 persons and arrested 25 (News 18, 2024). The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a radical group, has claimed responsibility for the violence.

Over the years, the TLP has been successful in radicalising Pakistani youth, particularly in the Punjab Province, and has made inroads into electoral politics in the country. Unfortunately, such incidents of anti-Christian violence are not isolated occurrences. The blasphemy laws in Pakistan are instrumentalised to target innocent Christians and Hindus, as noted by human rights organisations and civil society. This incident echoes one of the most severe attacks on Christians in Pakistan in August 2023, when mobs burned churches and assaulted dozens in Jaranwala, Punjab province, after allegations of desecration of the Quran as in other similar cases in the past.

The persecution of Christians in Pakistan is deeply concerning. The Inter-Religious Solidarity Council (IRSC) in Mumbai strongly condemns this attack and urges the Pakistani authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly. The state should act decisively against TLP. Additionally, it calls upon the authorities to ensure protection and equality of Christians in Pakistan to prevent the recurrence of such tragic events.
Irfan Engineer, Stanley Fernandez and 11 Others, IRSC

Dalits Shift Allegiance
In the latest elections, BJP faced setbacks in the LokSabha seats reserved for Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh, winning only eight out of 17 reserved seats. The Samajwadi Party, Congress, and Azad Samaj Party secured the remaining nine seats. Political analysts attribute the shift to promises made by the INDIA bloc.

Political analysts are pointing to effective campaigning by the INDIA bloc, promising benefits such as jobs, unemployment allowances, and protection of the Constitution as key reasons behind the shift.

In stark contrast, the BJP had secured a one-sided victory in these seats during the 2014 elections. However, its dominance started to wane in 2019, and the latest results have further raised questions about its strategy in managing these crucial seats.

The performance of the INDIA bloc highlights a growing political influence, indicating a shift in the Dalit community’s allegiance. The focus on promising immediate benefits and safety nets seems to have struck a chord with the electorate.

This election outcome has left the BJP reeling, with party insiders acknowledging that their assumptions regarding Dalit votes were misguided.
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Vol 56, No. 52, Jun 23 - 29, 2024