Press Release: 7thAugust, 2019

Revocation of Article 370 & 35A of Constitution is betrayal of the trust of Kashmiri People

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) condemns Government arbitrary action

Respect the right to self-determination of people of Kashmir

Civil liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemns the government of India initiative to disturb the identity of Kashmir by revoking article 370 and 35A. The act of Indian government is nothing but a betrayal to the people of Kashmir and violation of accord and constitutional promises made at the time of merging with India. The act of Indian government is also a grave violation of international laws and UN resolutions. India is a signatory to the UN Security Council Resolution for a plebiscite and now by arbitrarily revoking the Constitutional Guarantees India has done a grave historical mistake and a created a volatile situation by hurting the sentiments of people of Kashmir. Due to this dishonourable step for narrow political gains there is restlessness all over the world and it is leading to a dangerous confrontational way.

This is the minimum diplomatic value of a civilized country to respect the agreements by the previous governments and democratic sprit should be maintain at any cost, but unfortunately India failed to maintain its promises done with the leaders of Kashmir and it is largely believe that only for political gain Modi led BJP government committed this stunt to just win the election going to be held in some important states in few months. This unjust and faithful act with the Kashmiri people of Modi government is a reflection of hindutva hegemony as Nazi’s done and Zionist are doing in Palestine.

There is one more angle to this act of betrayal of revoking article 370, the government of India wants to provide safe passage to Multinational companies and to provide the land of Kashmir to corporate sector.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee expresses its deep concern over the situation of Kashmir and suffering of Kashmiri people. CLMC express solidarity with the people of Kashmir and stand with them at this high time and demands with the government of India to withdraw the Army, stop suppressing people’s voice, restore civil liberties and respect UN charter of Human rights.

This committee demands Government of India to undo its wrong by ratifying the article 370 and by bring to a halt the bifurcation of Kashmir. We further demand that Government should release all the political prisoners and restore normalcy by withdrawing curfew and section 144 and restore the communication, transportation facilities. A democratic and a justice oriented society should respect the right to self-determination of people of Kashmir.

Lateef Mohammed khan
General Secretary. CLMC

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Aug 8, 2019