A ppeal from Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

Demand to Retrial of Makkah Masjid blast case

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

Punish the criminals of blast
Twelve years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing
Justice denied to the victims. It is travesty of justice.


Civil Liberties Monitoring committee in a statement said that Makkah Masjid Terror Attack was a classic case of state sponsored terrorism. CLMC express its grave concern on denial of justice even after completion of 12 years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing. It is just not a matter of Justice denied to the victims but the collapse of whole criminal justice system in the case of Makkah Masjid blast. Because of failure of judicial procedure system terrorist are ramble freely with total impunity. It should be noted that selective use of justice is the worst form of injustice.

It should be remembered that on 18th may 2007 a powerful bomb exploded by the hindutva terrorists in Makkah masjid during the Friday prayer, immediately after that police started firing on unarmed people with the intention to kill them and within minutes Telugu electronic media started scrolling news blaming that Muslim youths are responsible for blast and then started stories that a Muslim youth exploded the bomb by operating it from Bangladesh it is matter of fact this is the first case of terrorism which was live telecasted on tv9 telugu news channel. It is a big secret as to who were the local Hindutva terrorists who provided logistical support in planning and carrying out blasts! It is also a mystery till now as to why the police opened the fire on the innocent people at Makkah Masjid who were already victims of the blast?

On this 18th May 2019, it is completion of 12 years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing. It was three sided terror attack on Muslim community, one is bomb blasts, second is police firing and third is media propaganda against Muslim community. Still Muslims have not overcome from this shock and suffering. These three simultaneous terror attacks are still fresh in their minds. They strongly believe that the government did not take any appropriate measures to provide justice to them. That NIA appointed a special public prosecutor an active member and office bearer of BJP in place of its regular public prosecutor and what followed was daylight killing of justice with entire trail getting sabotaged, witness including official witnesses getting hostile and crucial piece of evidences left to punch loopholes in the trail. Resulting in the crucial pieces of evidence getting sidelined on the want of supportive evidences which led to an utterly erroneous and shocking judgment wherein on 16-04-2018 the trail court acquitted all the accused on want of evidence.

The lacklustre attitude of NIA in prosecuting the terror accused in Mecca Masjid bomb blast case is further exposed by their action of not even filing an appeal challenging the impugned judgment which is openly flawed on many legal counts.

It’s a principle of justice that Not only justice must be done it must also be seen to be done. In this case neither happened thus shaking the conscience and trust of the Muslim community in the judicial and justice delivery system. It’s a popular feeling and strong believe that state and its agencies, prosecution and court are non-serious to provide justice and not interested to punish the criminals as per the law of the land, instead criminals of terror enjoyed the leniency of state with impunity and it has become a policy of the Government to go soft on the right wing hindutva terrorists.

It’s high time that whole nation combat and resist the policy of safeguarding the impunity of terror elements, to save the secular and democratic fabric of India. A sincere approach to justice is the only way forward otherwise innocent victims of false terror arrest will be left in unjust sufferings.

CLMC demand the government of Telangana to initiate proper judicial process for ensuring justice for victims of blast case, including filing an appeal against the impugned judgment or ideally seeking a retrial to re-appreciate the substantial evidence available on record against the Accused, by conducting a sincerely monitored prosecution, to restore the confidence of the public in justice delivery system.

Lateef Mohd Khan
G. Secretary CLMC

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
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May 21, 2019