Build the Revolutionary Alternative

Harsh Thakor


A  most qualitative event in education of cadres in Barnala took place at Shakti Kala Mandir Barnala at the culmination of the campaign “Build the Revolutionary Alternative” on Wednesday, May 16th. The most autocratic nature of parliamentary democracy of India which is neo or semi fascist and how to build a genuine revolutionary alternative. No event in India of such qualitative nature in terms of projecting correct mass line of active political campaign as this convention of Inquilabi Kendra and Lok Morcha Punjab. It  was a perfect  illustration in correct practice of educating advanced political elements of all sections. I was privileged to be present and witness the profound impact on the people present. It is in contrast to sectarian trends of both active boycott and participation in elections or NOTA which prevail in Punjab till this day. Morally, it continued the legacy of the massline of Tarimela Nagi Reddy and Harbhajan Sohi which began over 4 decades ago .Nowhere in Punjab or arguably in India itself is there such correct mass revolutionary approach to question of elections Today in Punjab there are erroneouss trends of 'active boycott' practiced by pro-Maoist sections like Lok Sangram Manch and Revolutionary peoples front as well as deviationist tactics of putting up revolutionary candidates by groups like C.P.I.M.L.)New Democracy.

The convention basically connected the issues dealt with the revolutionary alternative with the immediate demands reminiscent of a wheel and axle.It emphasized on the fundamental class offensive of the ruling classes in the parliamentary elections in contrast to its religious,nationalist or casteist projection.

Speakers summarised the burning issues of the masses in great depth covering all spheres of life.The false nationalism of the Bharatiya Janata party was exposed at its very roots but the Congress was also exposed.Aspect of arrest of intellectuals representing fascist trend was also exposed as well as the relationship between economic policies and the agenda of Around 600 people attended.A march was held at the conclusion of the event.

Jagmail singh and Shirin of Lok Morcha Punjab and Muktiar Phullar and Kanwaljeet Khanna of Inquilabi Kendra were the Speakers with Narain Dutt chairing the meeting,One hopes all the speeches are translated from Punjabi to English or Hindi which are all invaluable in creating revolutionary political consciousness and building mass line.

The organisations called upon the people that instead of looking towards the ruling parties to solve their basic problems, they should organise themselves and struggle to establish a pro-people socio-political and economic system.

Exposing the political extravaganza of electoral process the state leaders of both organisations Kanwaljit Khanna, Jagmail Singh, Mukhtiar Singh Poohla and Sheerin said that like several previous elections the present election is neither concerned with the basic issues of the people nor it aims to bring any qualitative change in the lives of people. In reality, the elections are a tool to divert the attention of people from their basic issues and to resolve the contention between different sections of capitalists, Feudal Lords and Landlords, to decide the next ruler of the country and to provide justification and authenticity to this rule by using people as mere stamps. These elections aim to get a stamp of approval for the policies of ruling classes which actually serve the interests of capitalists, Feudal Lords and big Landlords. To achieve this target, all the parliamentary parties tend to ignore the real issues of toiling masses. In present elections these parties are trying to divert the attention of people towards the futile issues of nationalism and internal security on one hand and towards petty economic benefits or the danger to the democracy on the other. The bogus claims of development by the parties, in reality, are aimed to open the doors of economy for the imperialists and big capitalists to gain huge profits. All the political parties claim that the panacea for all the ills of contemporary India, are the policies of Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation, however, these very policies are responsible for all the problems of common people.

The leaders said that, to bring a basic qualitative change and prosperity in the lives of toiling people, there is a dire need to completely change the present anti-people regime. This change can’t be brought out by the electoral process, but, only by constructing people’s power through their popular struggles in the light of the revolutionary path shown by Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Only the conscious and organised force of masses has the capacity to establish the real democracy and is capable of guarding it. Today, there is a strong need, to end the plunder of the country by the imperialists and capitalists, to implement the land reforms and redistribution of land, to end the usury, to come out of all the unequal treaties with the imperial countries, to fill up the treasury by imposing direct taxes on big corporates and companies and to put a bar on their huge profits. These steps can be implemented only by the strength of the organised people. The people have their own organisations which are the alternative to the organisational structures of ruling classes and these organisations have the capacity to bring the basic change in the society if they are provided with the correct revolutionary guidance. Both the organisations held this campaign to perform this task of providing the revolutionary alternative to the people.

The speakers said that the clamour of second or third alternative by the parliamentary parties at present is fictitious and they all serve the interests of the ruling classes. They termed the elections, an attack on the class-unity of masses, and called on to the masses that they should protect their unity from this attack. People should raise their actual demands in the elections and compel the political parties to speak on such issues. They said it is the need of the hour to uphold the path of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his comrades. A demonstration was also held in the Barnala city at the culmination of the campaign and the conference. Comrade Narain Dutt conducted the stage efficiently.

Comrade Shireen in depth dealt with the fascist trends and the methods of combating fascsim.She elaborated how India was not in any way a moral bourgeois democratic and all the parliamentary institutions were fundamentally autocratic.She narrated how India was fast turning Fascist with arrests of democratic intellectuals like Professor Saibaba and later the 'Urban' Maoists and how Hindutva fascsim was linked to the semi-feudal pro-corporate socio-political or socio-economic structure.With vivid analysis she covered how fascism could never be fought by relying or allying with nay political party or defending bourgeois democracy or institutions itself.A distinction was made between a bourgeois democracy and an autocratic state and how fascsim would not emerge of the Hitler-Mussoloni type.but of the type of China under Chiang Kai Shek.She asserted that only revolutionary class struggle could defeat fascsim .In her view even environmentalists to work for solutions would have to tread the path of class struggle and not trust or side with any parliamentray or govt institutions.Shireen urged people not to undermine the opressive nature of the Congress or other parliamentray parties and to challenge the autocratic state ras a whole ather than just single of the BJP-RSS as a target.She narrated how Hindutva and Corporate friendly policies were promoted with the blessings of the Congress and a lot of reactionary phenomen a was like a child of the Congress itself.,be it Babri Masjid demolition or Operation Greenhunt.This is signicant as today there is a trend in the Communist revolutionary camp that single outs the BJP-RSS and calls for their defeat but does not or hardly portrays the reactionary character of the Congres and other ruling class parties.

She also adressed the Immediate demands which covered how in each and every sphere the ruling class parties hoodwink the masses and how their agenda does not solve the basic issues like unemployment,land reforms,illiteracy,minumum wages for workers,housing,electricity,transport etc.It gives concrete examples of how in day to day lives the policies of the rulers act in contrary to the genuine aspirations of the masses.Examples were given of peasant suicides,remunerative prices not given to farmers,minumum wages not paid to workers,inadequate transport and housing,price rise, etc.

Comrade Jagmail adressed the question of the revolutionary alternative.He propagated the substitute progressive angle in every sphere be it agriculture ,industry,education ,health etc.In detail it covers the revolutionary alternative in terms of agrarian revolution,workers take over of factories,alternative education system etc.He described how a system should run in a revolutionary democratic social order.It discussed how people should build their pro-people revolutionary alternative forms or structures in all spheres rather than have faith in any of the alternatives of the current social order.The aspirations of Shaheed Bhagat Singh were vividly projected as well as how the post-1947 rulers betrayed him from Nehru-India Gandhi to Modi.

He elaborated the developmental model summarizing the kind of alternative that should be developed in a genuinely democratic state where land was equally divided,jobs, literacy, hospitals,electricity,housing etc were available to all.It was critical of the Gandhian angle that was eulogized from 1947 onwards and supported the approach of Shaheed Bhagat Singh in creating a genuine Revolutionary democracy.In depth it explained the pretensions of the so called nationalism of the ruling class parties who in essence only supported the anti-people agenda like with regards to Kashmir .

Kanwaljeet Khanna touched upon about the opression on minorities,particularly Muslims and reminded people of the martyrdom of af amous Ghadr freedom fighter on the same date of May 16th.He also covered the fascist repression in Kashmir.In depth it explained the pretensions of the so called nationalism of the ruling class parties who in essence only supported the anti-people agenda like with regards to Kashmir .

Speakers also exposed how the policies of the colonial British rulers was continued till today in every sphere be it the transport system,education sytem,industrial sytem etc.In detailTs contrasts the policies of the ruling class parties with a pro-people development model.

May 23, 2019

Harsh Thakor