Statement: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

Stop Malafide Campaign against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan Take action against Islamophobic hatemongers

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemn the witch-hunting of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan a renowned scholar, Editor of Milli Gazette and Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission by the Hindutva brigade and filing of FIR against him with a malicious intention to defame him and to stop his human rights work for minorities of India. It should be noted that he has taken bold and courageous stand and spoken fearlessly on every issue related to humanity, human rights abuses and the propaganda carried out by hindutva fascist forces. He has a good record of honesty in performing his duty and he promptly fulfilled his responsibilities beyond the religion, caste and creed.

In this present wave of Islamophobia when Indian Muslims are targeted in a systematic manner, propaganda carried out by the main stream media and miscreant from India and outside of India started hatred campaign on social media because of this violence erupted in India, and as a chairman of Minorities Commission he fulfilled his responsibility to protect the life and liberty of minorities India and he acted accordingly. He had issued directions and also appeals to all the stakeholders to take immediate measures and act decisively. On his appeal the authorities responded and made a check and issued stringent warnings to those who are involve in hate propaganda against Muslims. This prompt action and national and international attention towards to stop Islamophobia in India could not be digested by the anti-Muslim elements and in revenge they started an ill motive campaign against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly believe that Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan didn’t violated any rules and norms, rather he protected the customs and as a cultured personality he expressed his gratitude to the national and international community for responding positively for his appeal. It is an international norms and protocol to express appreciation for the steps taken to protect the standards of human rights of people. United Nation Human Rights Commission and National Human Rights Commission always adopted the same practice what Mr Zafarul Islam Khan did as the chairman of Minorities Commission.

Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan is a great scholar who is well known internationally for promoting humanity and using his scholarly works he has brought good reputation for India at international stage. A malafidely motivated campaign and targeting him to supress his voice is actually a violation of Indian constitution and its spirit.

CLMC demands the Govt of India to take firm action against those who are harassing and defaming and initiated ill motive campaign against Dr. Khan.

CLMC appeals to the Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to honour the services of Dr. Zafarul Islam khan as the chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission and take action against ill minded elements those who want to propagate hate to settle their political aims in Delhi. In fact, it is fortunate that Delhi has such a capable, brilliant and high profile personality like Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan who is honestly committed to the protection of human rights.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee express solidarity with Dr. Zafaul Islam Khan, Chairman Delhi Minorities Commission and stand in support and honour of his relentless work and service towards civil liberties and human rights.

Lateef Mohammed Khan
G. Secretary

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC)
Amberpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500013

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May 3, 2020