Corona & Cover Up

Timir Basu

CORONA  Pandemic is the  curse of Chinese Capitalism. This is the worst crisis people are witnessing after Second World War. The crisis is  global but so far  the so called international communityhas failed to meet  the challenge globally. In some parts of the world   it borders on silent   genocide.  After  Italy, Iran, France  and  Spain,  it may be the  turn of the  Indian  Sub-continent  to get  bogged  down in  the  quagmire  of  COVID-19. If Pakistan gets  infected epidemically, the possibility  of which is  enormous  because  of  Pakistan’s  active  participation  in  China’s  notorious  OBOR , the   sub-continent  will  see  regular  procession of the  dead,  as it  was  the case  during  Plague  epidemic, Malaria epidemic  in  the yesteryears. Pakistan is  already  spreading  this  deadly  virus  to  the  Middle  East. Religious fanatics are the  potential  source  of  spread  of  the  Pandemic.

In  2015, the  Chinese  Institute  of  Virology, Wuhan,  identified  a deadly  CORONA Virus  that  could spread  from   horseshoe  bats  to  humans . Two   years later, in   2017, a study found 73 CORONA Viruses in 1067 bats in China.

A  year  later, the  matter was  discussed  in a  meeting  convened by the  World  Health  Organisation (WHO) in  early  2018.  Dr  Peter Daszak,  a  disease  ecologist  and president  of the  New  York - based  Eco-Health  Alliance,  present  at that meeting,  pointed  out that   an outbreak  of such  an  epidemic  was  predictable  and  preventable.  Nothing   more   than   that   was   discussed at the meet.   No preventive   measures were suggested.  Nor   did   they talk   about the impending human catastrophe.

In  December  2019,  Dr Li  Wen   Liang,  34---a  Chinese  scientist  who spoke out  of the danger  before  China  informed  the WHO----was   reprimanded  by  Police  and his    life was made  miserable  by the Communist  Party  cadres. And   Dr Li, the whistle blower, finally died in February. Now they have tendered apology to his bereaved family. Apology or no apology Li won’t return to trouble the Chinese   authorities.

Li is dead.  But there remain a lot of questions to be answered. Why did it take so much time for governments across the world to react and take precautionary measures? Why  was  the  WHO  reluctant  to ban  international  borders  till  the  31  January  even when  they  in  the  first  week  of January  that  this was a  global  pandemic.  They did not even    advise the World Travel Organisation against global travel.

Why   did   Trump travel to India when he had the full knowledge   about the   virus and the possibility of an epidemic?   Why   did   Modi   react so slowly and so casually? Then Britain took it easy as if nothing will happen. Iran too responded very slowly. Only Iran knows why. Now   they   have   released   85,000 prisoners. This  is  the other  side  of  the story----a  mullacracy  that does not  tolerate  minimum  dissent.  This slow, reluctant reaction, indicates that this   is a colossal failure of global governance, a historic failure that has led to this pandemic.

Surprisingly  South  Korea, Taiwan, Japan  and Singapore, despite  being  neighbours of  China,  have succeeded  in  containing  the   disease.  And  North  Korea  being  the  next  door  neighbour  of  China  is  completely  free  from  COVID-19.

The  human to human  spread  of  the  virus,  known as  the  novel  corona  began  in Wuhan,  China. The technical  name  of  the  virus  was  SARS-COVE-2,  which  causes  a disease  named  COVID-19.  Some  people  believe  that  the  virus  originated  from  the  Wuhan  Institute  of Virology,  albeit   the  Chinese  scientists   associated  with Wuhan   deny  the  allegation.  There can be  no  denying  that  there may be some  connection  between the  manufacture  of  biological  weapons  by  China  and  accidental  spread of  this  virus  It is  next  to  impossible   to  get  any  idea of  hidden  military  programme  of  China.  And the   Americans   have been doing all the   dirty   work   since   the   days   of Vietnam war. They killed hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, mostly children and women, by spraying cholera germs. Some  people  also  believe that  due  to  obnoxious  food  habit  of  Chinese  people  the  virus has reached   the  human  body   causing   the  pandemic. There are grains of truth in it.  Agri-Business and industrial farming have promoted such obnoxious food habits.  Multi-nationals are now destroying jungle animals.  Nobody is safe in their domain.

In  2002,  an  infection called  SARS , in which  thousands of people around the world  were  infected   and  773  people  died,  also  started  in  China.  If   they   cannot   export   revolution,   they   can always export   virus, killer virus.  ‘Socialism’   with   Chinese   characteristics   is   showing   its   ugly   face.  There is almost unanimity that the virus is from China. And the Chinese Government cannot avoid responsibility that the  pandemic  is due  to their callous and reluctant approach to the  problem.

The infection  has  spread  to  189 countries  throughout  the  world,  but  Italy  and  Iran  have  been the  worst  hit. According  to  a  report,  China’s  grandiose  world  shaking  programme  of  ‘One Belt, One  Road   (OBOR)’, seems to be  a major  contributor  to  the spread  of this    infection  in  Italy  and  Iran.  Italy   and   Iran   are   paying   the   price   for   doing   business   with   China.   For   these   two   countries OBOR linkages are almost certain. It does not matter whether the Chinese   deny it or not.   Italy   and   Iran   are   two    major   stakeholders   in   China’s   OBOR   projects.  Italy  has  opened  its  infrastructure  to  transport  and  even  four  major  ports to  Chinese  investment.  Lombardy  and  Tuscany  are  the  two  regions  with  the  highest  Chinese  investment.  The   first   case   in Italy was reported in February.  Having  failed  to break  the  US  sanctions  chains  Iran  reportedly  joined   China’s   OBOR  initiative  for  construction  of  2  thousand  mile  long  rail  tracks  crossing  western  China  to  Tehran  and  to  Turkey  in  Europe.  What  is  more  Chinese  Engineers  and  technicians  are renovating  Iran’s  ailing  nuclear  power  plants. The  Chinese  workers  or  Businessmen   visiting  Iran  are said  to be the  carriers  of  this  deadly  virus,  now  spreading  the pandemic  throughout  Iran.  To  some  extent   India  is  lucky  in the  sense   it  did not  join  China’s  OBOR  otherwise  pandemic  could  have   done  havoc   in  the  country  by  this  time.  But   already   about 1000 Indians are   infected by the virus, 33   are dead.  And bad news is likely to spread like wild fire in the coming weeks.

Italy, a  nation  of  only  60  million  people  now  accounts  for  36  per  cent  the  world’s   CORONA  Virus  deaths. The shadow of the virus is lengthening across Africa, the Middle east and Indian sub-continent too.  India  is  said  to  be   currently  in  the second  phase  of  the   Corona  Virus  spread  and  next  two  or  three  weeks  may  be very  crucial .

One   whistle   blower   is   dead.  Maybe   someone  else  will  come  forward  to  reveal  the   truth  in  the  future   about  virology  and  biological  weapons  programme  of  China . Strangely  enough,  America  has  not said  a  word  or  two  about  biological  weapons. What they said -- Trump actually said it---was nothing more than innocuous----‘it was Chinese virus’.  At the time of writing the number of infected people reaches to about 4 lakh and total death more than 14,616. Only good news is that Wuhan has somehow turned around even under the most severe situation. But the rest of the world is reeling under the deadly threat from COVID-19.  Cuba has sent its doctors and medical students to 37 countries. People   around   the    world   are looking forward to Cuba for quick remedy.  America does not take Cuba into account and Cuba continues to suffer under severe American sanctions.  Strangely, India does not make any contact with Cuba, albeit Cuba’s world class medical service can save the situation.

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Apr 29, 2020

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