In response to Sri Sankar Ray’s rejoinder

Kalyan Guha

This is in response to the rejoinder of Sri Sankar Ray.

A careful reading of the paper reveals the authors have proposed two plausible scenarios to explain the origin

1. Natural selection in an animal host before Zoonotic transfer
2. Natural selection in humans following Zoonotic transfer

They have not proved anything.

As you know very well it can be only conclusively proved if and when the researchers find Virus Genomes in parent host (Bats) or intermediate host (may be Civets) matching equal to more than at least 99% Genomics with that of nCoV 2019. 

So far as I know WHO and various teams of researchers are on this job. I would be glad to know when they find it.

However, my paradigm does not exclude this hypothetical possibility. But as of now it's speculation only.

Hope this clarifies the question.

Kalyan Guha

Apr 6, 2020

Kalyan Guha

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