Maharashtra fiasco: the great joker of Indian politics

Radhakanta Barik

There are four ways of making someone to do a task, stated as “Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed”. This is the old Chanakya’s prescription. His principles are out dated and unconstitutional and against the rule of law. Amit Shah is known as modern Chanakya. Let us examine this view of Shah. The way he does which violates the rule of Law which is the central to democracy. Using of force or money is banned by constitutional law. By creating communal division is banned under the IPC. Constitutional law clearly restricts a political group to function within the pillars of democracy. The BJP leaders used these tricks to murder democracy in Maharashtra. They imagined Amit Shah and Modi as the modern day Chanakya which is an illegal and immoral and unconstitutional politics. This sort of politics can function in a feudal and fascist regime. They should have learnt from the colonial state that they ruled for a period of two hundred years but on the basis of rule of law. They exploited India is another thing. We should condemn these activities related to four tricks used by Modi and Shah in the present-day politics to dethrone an elected government in Maharashtra.

 "Apa jo homo ko pathei ham kahin paya nahi jata" small children in class room raise a question to Sunil Dutt, a popular actor and progressive voice in Hindi film, tries to answer them. But as a teacher of Indian constitution in undergraduate class of School of Planning and Architecture I feel ashamed by their question. "We the people of India'' brings a contract between people including each caste, community, religious group and ethnic group is getting sabotaged by Modi government. He is bringing a law in Parliament on NRC where the Muslims will have no say. Anybody cannot prove his or her citizenship otherwise they have to live in a concentration camp as it is being done in Assam. Abrogation of Art 370 in J & K has brought the military rule which says openly that in one part of India state can declare emergency without rights which brings the question of operation of Indian constitution in whole territory.

 The Supreme Court brought the judgment on Ram Mandir on the basis of faith which questions my interpretation of secular state on the basis of separation of religion and state. Freedom of expression under the Art 19 has brought my friends as Urban Naxals who live in jail. Modi is openly speaking for a system based on Manu sashtra which brings a hierarchical system in the same soil where all social groups struggling be, they dalits, tribals or women for equality and justice. I feel that by teaching Indian Constitution in class room I am lying every day which is against my conscience. Our constitutional right is getting eroded by the institutions such as political executive who are ready to murder democracy in Assam in the name of NRC which is a challenge to our Constitution itself as my citizenship on the basis of birth getting challenged today. The judiciary by giving a judgment on the Rammandir issue is challenging the secular character of it. Legislature is not bothered of common people but showing its brute power in the name of Hindutva a threat to rights of an individual, social group and social class.

I wrote last year on the Constitution Day and stating it today which is relevant. Today is India's constitution day which is the second written constitution after the American one. But in America there is the Right to Equality but without mentioning American society as an unequal society like our society. It is clearly mentioned Under the right to equality in Indian constitution that we need to ban the discrimination on the basis of caste, community and gender. We accepted the slow and incremental social change on the basis of the principle of social justice but In American one there is no mention before the intervention of the Supreme Court in 1964 where the discrimination on the basis of race got banned. We created a constitution as an instrument of social revolution but in American one they waited for intervention of the Judiciary.

Such a powerful revolutionary document is facing challenge from the Hindutva forces which believes in unequal and discrimination on the basis of caste, race and gender and community. The day they have come to power in 2014, they have declared a war against constitution. Today it is a battle between democracy and fascism.

The constitution of India is the center of Indian politics today. Poor masses are on the streets to fight for saving the constitution whereas the ruling party and some capitalists are ready to destroy it. The opposition must learn from a great football manager. Jose Mourinho, the most successful manager of football clubs of Europe is taking over today Tottenham as the manager today gives us a lot of food for thinking in Indian politics. His strategy is the keep the playing of football as boring as possible but winning matters. His style of management is to see how to stop the ball from the midfield to a striker who usually scores in the end. We had gone to Milan the Italian city famous for its arts and football. On inquiry from the shop keeper in front of the Inter Milan club which was managed by Mourinho that all the trophies they have won. Such a successful manger teaches us that the weakness of Hindutva bandwagon which is on a rise under the leadership of Modi. The weakness of the ruling party that they do not have any midfield players who can give passes to Modi the striker. Nominating Yogi as a midfield player has created a havoc in UP which is the major state of Hindutva politics.

Indira Gandhi knew the importance of role of midfield players in her political framework. Sonia Gandhi could manage with those players. Today the Congress needs good players who can create imaginative moves at the regional plane. Rahul Gandhi started by sending some of his close lieutenants to states of Rajasthan, MP which produced the dramatic result. How to stop the juggernaut of Hindutva politics which is facing a tough time in Maharashtra by successful moves made by the regional leaders. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi need a network of regional leaders who are youthful and energetic having grassroots contacts. Reinvention of opposition politics can help in pulling the strings of Modi down which already seen when he attended the opposition conclave before the starting of winter session of Parliament.

In my last piece on game of football we discussed the arrival of Mourinho in English Premier. He is taken as the manager of Tottenham which is a reputed club. This year they went down towards the last of the list of twenty teams which play every year. With the taking over as the manager Mourinho has changed the situation. He uses the midfield players to move in a creative manner by which the striker gets more chances to score the goal. On Saturday his team played under his supervision showed his brilliance of the midfield player Ale which has produced the result. The same thing happened to Indian politics as the Congress Party decided to give an opening to their midfield players. This happened in the case of Maharashtra where the top leaders at the regional plane have taken decision to go for an alliance. This is going to make a successful move. Moreover, the opponents are getting discredited because of their horse-trading activities. Let us hope that the Congress leaders give more chances to their midfield players to create new imaginative moves which produce the result.

By looking at the heat created in the stock exchange market of politics in Mumbai one realizes the importance of a TV serial by Jaspal Bhatti that he has imagined himself as a trader having expertise in selling MLAs and MPs. Those days each MLA costing one crore which has changed into 20 crores in Karnataka where those left the Congress Party to the BJP increased the bank balance. The BJP's fund of 6000 crores are going to create a havoc in Indian democracy. Midnight drama in Maharashtra is the product of constellation of factors money, muscle power, tantric babas and political dalals or ED and CBI which have produced such a sordid drama. Midnight drama indicates the political drama of Shakespearean tragedy. In Macbeth the incident of the murder of the King got executed in midnight in the palace of General Macbeth conspired by Lady Macbeth. The same thing happened in the Governor's palace of Maharashtra where the coup took place by the BJP leader against the majority of legislatures of the assembly. In Macbeth the king got killed here political democracy got killed in the midnight conspiracy. As Lady Macbeth says that her hands smell blood "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, Oh, Oh! I still have the smell of blood on my hand." Modi government does not bother of constitutional morality or any ethics in politics. This brings the question as Macbeth did it for power and got the support from Lady Macbeth. Here the democracy in Maharashtra got murdered in the middle of night. Amit Shah as Lady Macbeth has made his hands with boozing with blood.

I met a shopkeeper in Bhubaneswar market who sells mixture. He came from village 50 years back to the town. He lived here by doing small businesses. He has a place to live in. He rents a shop by paying Rs.8000 plus electricity bill of Rs 5000. His income has fallen by sixty percent from June. He is able to make Rs 5000. It's difficult to live in the capital with such low income. He thinks of closing his business and going back to village. Decline of business is linked with income of people. Those whose income has declined over the last five years because of Modi's policy is now getting pushed out of the market. It brings death to Indian sales man. The trader in middle of city of Delhi who does photography to earn his livelihood is down by sixty percentage. This is the crowded point in ITO of Delhi. Another trader who does sell vegetables from the Mother Dairy is going to close his shop as selling has fallen by fifty percentages. The BJP is a party of traders pushing the traders to death trap who will commit suicide any day.

 This brings out another point regarding the sordid drama enacted there. That a terror linked agency has paid ten crores to the BJP fund which has been condemned by Modi and Shah which will be brought out by the opposition government if gets formed. They wanted to kill the idea of inquiry by which they do not get exposed as anti-national organisation. Their claim of ultra-nationalism will be exposed soon. To avoid this situation, they have executed the midnight coup de ta but people of Maharashtra has not supported this misadventure in politics of Modi.

The election bonds of 6000 crores acquired by the BJP is the biggest scam in Indian politics. It is questioned by the RBI who is the custodian of monetary economics of India. It is questioned by the Supreme Court and the Election Commission. According to the RBI it is helping the money laundering activities of the BJP. Most of its governments in North East and Goa by buying members from this fund. It is being used for bribing voters. In our village of 450 voters four hundred people openly say that they have voted by taking bribe of Rs.5000 each. The government is using ED and CBI against opponents for money laundering activities. When it is going to use against the PM and Home Minister as the President of the BJP are involved openly in some form of money laundering activities.
The BJP has decided to go for less exposure of Modi. He is in the election mode. This time he is going only five times to Jharkhand assembly election as the state is having election in five phases. Ad gurus are busy in redesigning the image of Modi. Over exposure of Modi has lost marginal utility in political market. The BJP is not worried of economic recession as that is not the issue in politics. Unemployment highest in the last 45 years is not their concern. Common people are consuming less because of their fall in income is not the issue. Those industries have invested in political market are worried of their investment of 6000 crores. Till now no public sector has been sold to them. Already Modi's image has been eroded, what a tragedy. They have decided to give a face lift to his image. The media is speaking day in day out Modi unable to break ice. Now ad gurus have decided to go for a less exposure of Modi. It's going to be a Shakespearian tragedy who will say that 'nothing comes out of nothing'. The day Godse got hanged as he killed Gandhi, the BJP thinks he is a patriot, their logic of violence against humanity as Gandhi stands for it Hindutva believes in violence against Steins a person serving the leprosy patients got killed by a Bajrangi person Rai as a patriot who got saved from gallows by manipulation of the judgment under the Vajpayee regime. Their actions are against humanity for which India never supported them.

A friend of mine raises a critical point regarding the functioning of the supreme Court that nobody is above law. In the present political scenario both political executive and Supreme are above the law. It's like the French philosopher Sartre regarding his father's view of beauty of his mother. It's above his class or below his class which led his father to abandon his mother. The way judgment over the Ram Mandir has been delivered by bench of five judges which creates a similar position of their relationship with Indian Constitution like Sartre's father's relationship with his mother. In pronounced judgment they have exhibited the role of Supreme Court by ignoring the vast section of society thinking of getting justice. They have been abandoned by the Court like Sartre's father abandoned his mother. There's a proverb that ‘Brahma bilibileile satya” that the creator Brahma speaking anything turns into a gospel. The Supreme Court has behaved like Brahma's delirium. That they didn't interpret the conflict according to Indian Constitution but expressed the political language of the present regime regarding the Rammandir.

 While a Hindu society in Nepal went for reaffirming on secular state, here in India Modi regime is a menacing rule against democracy and secularism. Political movements against feudalism and monarchy culminated in establishment of a secular state. National movement led by Congress and left resulted in a secular state. While training officers from Nepal and discussing the issues related to reservation where officers belonged to upper caste felt furious. They have reconciled to the position that reservation is a part of secular democratic state. Here there is representation of each community in the state where Modi regime is aiming to establish the Hindurashtra which is absurd in today's politics. India democracy like peepal tree is facing a tornado from hindutva not a cyclone against the secular state which is a storm in tea cup.

Celebration of children's day needs to be scrapped as children do not enjoy their childhood under the present regime. After demonetisation, worker's income has fallen. Children are the first victims of the economic crisis. They come with their parents to clean the vehicles which India's middle class drive the vehicles to their offices. Middle class progressively are losing their feelings of empathy towards children. Hindutva has blinded them to reality in Delhi they consume all sorts of Luxuries today at cost of children's welfare. We should stop celebrating children's day as a respect to a great intellectual, socialist and first prime minister who in his political imagination kept children's rights of India as the central actor.

Salim Ali, the famous bird watcher came to Andaman and Nicobar in end of his long life to understand the behavior of birds in a place where human being is not there. We invited him to college in Port Blair. He gave a lecture on behavior of birds that they come from Siberian region to India. They live in the same tree whenever they come. They go back every year. The behavior of birds teaches us that human being like birds feel intensely to the place where ever he or she lives. Attachment to a place brings a feeling of patriotism not religion. This is a lesson to Hindutva who pleads religious basis of patriotism what nonsense they talk.

 Hindutva is testing its depth in Indian politics by using its moral standard which is coming in conflict with constitutional morality. For them means is unimportant it is to achieve the end. Immorality and unethical practices have been used over last six years in a manner slowly which has been constructed as a new tradition. A majoritarian authoritarian state has been established. Money and immorality have been used in a reckless manner to achieve their aim. Maharashtra politics has turned into a laboratory for another experiment. That governor has misused power by not allowing the opposition parties to form the government. Either their government or no government by which governor's rule can be used to further their communal agenda.

Hindutva moves in a thoughtless zone. They felt scared of the literature and they got reduced themselves to seeing the Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana serialized in Doordarshan. They have no energy to go through hundred and odd Ramayanas. They lacked creativity in literary sense. They refused to read Mahabharata and got scared of seeing Rahi Massoom Raza's version of Mahabharata in Doordarshan. They lacked imagination for interpreting a literary text. They reduced the text to false historical work by which they think Ayodhya as the birthplace of the Ram.

They got scared of the ancient history and archaeology as they have no command over resources or Sanskrit texts. Once in a debate during Vajpayee's rule Prof D N Jha raised an obvious question to the representative of the BJP in the NDTV discussion: 'do you know Sanskrit', then the BJP person fumbled and could not tell boldly that he knew Sanskrit. Advani being the Home Minister and went to Nirod C. Chaudhuri in London and he raised obvious questions regarding his reading of Vedas, Upanishads where Advani told that he had not read of these texts. Then Chaudhuri put a question bluntly Why did you come to me? 'You are an idiot." This was discussed in the presence of a journalist Mishra who published it in Guardian weekly. Lack of archaeological background made them scared of ancient India then as bluff maker they told that the Aryans were the indigenous people. Then feeling of scared of Medieval history as they lack any knowledge of Persian source they are being reduced as the bluff makers by telling that Babur destroyed the Rammandir and built Babri Masjid. Furthermore the Tulsi Das who was the contemporary of Babur had not referred to such an incident in his Rama- CharitManas. They lacked any understanding of modern history where the RSS or Hindu Mahasabha had not played any role in the national movement. They got scared of Sociology after seeing the Dalits and Caste Hindus of Kerala lived together during recent flood time and ate together as for them sociology means caste society. They had a fear psychosis of Statistics and Economics after the incident of Demonitisation as the banned currency had returned back to the RBI. As growth had fallen after introduction of GST they feel further scared of the economic survey. Such illiterates of India are ruling over India. World is laughing at their stupidity.

When hindutva is like the Bull Bull cyclone a very strong but went in the middle of Bay of Bengal just by touching some parts of Odisha and Bengal. The eye of the storm was the Ram Mandir which has gone now. There was no gathering in Ayodhya even or Gujarat which benefited of its politics. They are unable to form the government in the most important state Maharashtra which provided their major share of 6000 crores. As a class room teacher looks at the exam paper by looking at style and language I have already given full marks. Then I feel to look at the paper once more to know that have I done justice to others by giving full marks where the student has answered well but not according to requirement of the question. Five judges of Supreme Court must be feeling now. The question is whose land is it as it is a civil dispute? The answer is on the disputed land the Vishwa Hindu Parishad can build a temple and the Muslims have been given a separate plot. A judgment of thousand pages have got full marks without substantive points.

Their partner Shivsena is gone. It is one eyed player. Once the source of money stop flowing like stopping the main player in football match who passes the ball to the strikers then it will disintegrate. Here opposition needs a brilliant manager like Mourinho who can see that their midfielders don't get the ball. Let's hope that the opposition makes a front and plans careful moves which can stop this bullbull storm which has weakened on its own. Only it needs a strategy to hit it strong by which hindutva dies in soul where it has been originated. With reserve of 6000 crores, the BJP is not forming government in Maharashtra is a shocking news. They have done in Goa by buying MLAs. They speak the same language and culture. But the Shivsena is not scared of the BJP as they control Mumbai. The BJP control the drought prone region without money. They have muscle power to confront the Hindutva goonds. They want the chief minister's post as they control the finance capital. They can compete in hindutva politics with the BJP. They are not ready to subordinate to the BJP as they are not haunted by 6000 crores. It is power politics where the shivsena wants to beat the BJP with the same stick. The BJP is scared of the shivsena.

 Pakistan politics and Indian politics used to move in parallel lines. In 1950s Muslim League could not stand up to Americans who encouraged Army to play its cards against democracy. A section of league went to the street demanding removal of the Finance Minister belonging to Ahmadiya. He was dropped under the pressures from the army and America. Politics got communalized by General Zia who declared an Islamic State. After that politics has been communalised where threats come from more right wing Islamic forces. Killing of leaders are happening in broad daylight. We have no way near to that situation. Hindutva forces under Shah Modi want to declare the Hindurashtra through the backdoor politics. Here the judiciary is playing like the role of Pakistan Army helping in creating a theocratic state.

 Modi in the last assembly elections to Maharashtra and Haryana is down but Hindutva forces feel nervous, yesterday's judgment by Supreme Court has emboldened the fascism. They are being backed by America, Israel and Turkey. Will they succeed?

According to Prof Yoginder Alagh, UP suffering from lack of economic growth no industrial or agricultural growth is having population growth. With the latest judgment on Ram Mandir issue, BJP is ready to take up Mandir in Kashi and Mathura. The quantum of religious fundamentalism has grown. It's a victory for communal forces as civil society of UP has migrated to Noida and Delhi. Politics of Ram Mandir has destroyed the industry of UP and created a spurt of communal politics. With the coming of the judgment over the Mandir Masjid, UP is going back to its pastoral stage when Yogi Modi will lead the Aryans while entering into Indo Gangetic belt with their cows reciting Sanskrit shlokas. It looks like Modi and Yogi are holding arrows at each other as Hindutva politics revolve around the Ram Mandir issue when the technological level of India was at very primitive level. One is talking of the changing the name of Faizabad District into Ayodhya. Changing the name of Allahabad has not brought any public support except their party supporters who are six percentage of people if you measure in a discussion of thirty people only two supported the change of name to Prayagraj and both are the BJP supporters. The way political development is taking a shape Modi and Yogi have turned into 'Punaha Musika Bhavate' as people made mouse into lion as they behaved like the real lion who wanted to eat the human flesh which is tasty food for them. People have decided to make them into mice once more. This is democracy where the people are the real kings and these representatives of people behave like kings which made people angry. They think to divert the attention of people by changing the name of the cities of UP. They feel desperate that have made them to talk of issue of the Ram Mandir and they want to threaten the highest judiciary

Modi after winning a thumping victory in 2019 general election has given a gift of growthless economy to a nation of hungry for growth and employment. Prof Sen wrote a cryptic comment on hardworking prime minister Modi that hard work without thinking which brings the result like this. For the first time we are going into deep economic crisis. His finance minister who does not understand the abc of economics like his first education minister without a degree but claiming a degree for herself as they disrespect modern education which has resulted into crisis. The message has reached young school going children that no more technology or science but learning Sanskrit will help them to get the jobs. A young woman studying class 12 told me that she wants to take up after her science course in plus two for Sanskrit that now once the economy is down we may reverse the history to a stage of pastoral economy when Aryans came from the central Asia with their cows and buffaloes to Indo Gangetic belt of India and on their way they found a civilised Indus people they threw them out and destroyed their economy and celebrated with Sanskrit Shlokas without reading and a critical thinking only duty to reciting. As all our modern educational institutions are forced to close or to be sold to private industrialists by which no critical thinking to be there. Then growth less economy will demand those who know reciting Sanskrit shlokas. That young girl doing from a best college of Odisha for plus two in science but aspiring to be Sanskrit student in her college days which clearly shows the way for future. A double digit unemployment and growth less economy has already created a bleak future for younger generation.

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Dec 2, 2019

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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