COVID-19 Ends off the Year 2020

Gautam Kumar Das

COVID-19 ends the year with some teachings by suggesting not to endanger life unnecessarily, and if so, all the doctor's efforts will be ended in smoke. Doctors too learnt the lesson from corona in this year particularly regarding the treatment of the virus in the pandemic situations. Doctors, attached to the treatment of COVID-19, gathered experiences and improved knowledge that helped them in changing treatment techniques day by day. Doctors are hopeful as time passes in the present pandemic there is a greater chance of survival for those who got infected in the month of December 2020 than those who got infected in February 2020 as the doctors now know the treatment in detail about COVID-19 than 10 months back and hence they can treat patients better, and the patients are cured from coronavirus at higher rate than that of the peak period of its infections. The physicians have gradually been enriching with experiences in both the treatment tactics as well as choosing medicines.

COVID-19 ends off the year by converting skilled labourers into the ordinary one due to closure of the small-scale industries in the different states, and the labourers were forced to leave the working place and moved to their native lands. After their arrival, they are engaged with the farming in the agricultural lands unwillingly for lacking skilled jobs in their villages. The migrant labourers, having skill in constructions, textiles, goldsmith works, are forced to take up farming only for their source of livelihoods. They simply fear to take the challenge of such agricultural farming as they have never done such work before. Migrant labourers rushed to the rural belt that leads to the sudden increase of labour supply, and the present wages for agricultural work will certainly come down. The migrant skilled workers are yet to return to their previous working places in the other states when they are called by their respective employers. 

COVID-19 ends off by disrupting local as well as national economy which is the outcome of an unplanned decision of lock down taken by the central government with only four hours’ notice. The Government froze social and economic activity in all parts of the country to combat the pandemic situations, shuttering nonessential businesses and ordering the residents of the country including the labourers and vendors to stay home, stay safe for months. This order causes extreme disruptions of the economy with the failures of local trades in the towns and metropolis. COVID-19 enforced lock down results in a severe economic crisis and the longer-duration of it would lead to more and more crises rather than the corona virus pandemic – confessed by a minister. 

COVID-19 ends off the year by sending the message against the superstitious belief and prejudice to overcome the pandemic situation. The superstitions bring grist to the mills of the unscrupulous. The tender grace of a day worshipping almighty that is rare in the days of the coronavirus crisis and all such places of prayer are shut down in the outbreaks. The common people simply avoid such prejudice of thousand years of practice in 2020. Even the people now know that cow urine like unani medicines never address the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infected people. The ordinary people are in unanimous belief that doctor’s care is the only alternative to combat coronavirus outbreaks in the sphere of science.

COVID-19 ends off the year with a smaller number of confirmed positive cases infected by the coronaviruses. At present, the total number of confirmed positive cases in India is 1,02,45,326 including 2,60,678 active cases, 98,33,339 recovered patients and 1,48,475 deaths out of total tested 16.2 crore cases as on 30 December 2020. The current mortality rate for COVID-19 in India is 1.45%. This is the result of the first wave of the outbreaks, but the people should be aware of any vector-borne epidemics with its several waves – evidenced in the history. That is why the citizens of the country must abide by the suggestions released day-by-day by the doctors, scientists, and virologists in this field and that might lead to ending off COVID-19 without a single trace of infected confirmed positive cases by the year end of 2021.

Jan 2, 2021

 Gautam Kumar Das

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