Aftermath of the tractors rally by the farmers

Radhakanta Barik

Gujarati minds like Modi and Shah working hard to defame the farmers rally but the farmers have done their home work to bulldoze the planned conspiracy. Shah Modi have planted their own people to create terror in the city of Delhi. There are Kapil Mishras for getting worked out a design on the farmers by placing the saffron flag over the Red fort. Kapil Mishra created terror against the anti CAA movement and Delhi High Court gave an order for arresting him but it got stopped by the Supreme Court. The man and his team of people have been sent by Shah and Modi as he is the friend of these people. After planting the flag on Redfort he took his motor cycle and fled away. this picture of Deep Sidhu exposes the conspiracy staged by Modi and Shah to defame the farmers but here the farmers are proving more intelligent and they have done home work to expose these people.

After Shah taking over the Delhi police the RSS organised the riots in Delhi and it was expected that Delhi police worked with the RSS to burn some houses and involved in injuring some innocent Muslims. After that incident the Home Minister gave a statement in the parliament that riots of Delhi were spontaneous and organised by some outsiders. Then they decided to arrest the social and students activists in conspiring for creating riots. Hundreds of social activists are languishing in the jail as the government has alleged that they conspired in creating riots in Delhi. Delhi Police is losing its professional role.

Farmers rally was going on a peaceful manner and it was expected their people and Delhi police would create abnormal situation. One person got killed by the a police man firing from the ITO bridge. They wanted to defame the farmers but could not do it as expected. But they have created losses to a young man who came from Uttarkhand. Delhi police men are in the process of Modification as it happened in Gujarat. It looks like the farmers are brave enough to live in peace and maintain their calm and quiet. Gandhi would have survived then he would have congratulated the farmers for their protest against Modi and Shah. It is the fascists are busy in destroying the farmers’ rally but as Neruda says: You fascists ‘you can cut all the flowers but you cannot stop spring from coming. “

Modi government is busy in providing a helping hand to the corporate to get involved in the primitive accumulation. For which he made the agricultural laws to acquire their land of farmers. As it has been found that land is the basis of accumulation of capital as Marx pleads for labour as the basis.  Now human body has turned into basis of accumulation of capital during the Covid 19.

In a panchayat of five villages one finds two patients with fever from each village, the fear of getting Corona pushed them to the private hospitals who charged them minimum one lakh each and that ten lakhs of rupees have gone to the owner of the private hospitals. Here human body has been used as a source of primitive accumulation for the industrialists. Covid time is the time of maximization of profit from the poor to rich with the support of the government. It is clear that Indian billionaires during the Lockdown period have increased their wealth by 35% according to the Oxfam. During the covid 19 the process of appropriation of labour of the poor did not stop by the rich. From a poorest locality with a panchayat of five villages ten people suffered from fever and that resulted in offering ten lakhs of rupees to the rich and the rich got indirectly from the poor by the state financed the each patient to the rich is about 7 lakhs such as centre paid 4 Lakhs and state government pays 3 Lakhs and it is coming out to be eight lakh from a poor farmer or labour which resulted in increasing the economic inequality during the covid 19. This is calculated by Oxfam that each of the poorest in India has added to the wealth of billionaires by transferring Rs 94,045. It resulted in increasing the wealth of the billionaires by 35%. Modi just looked at the process of increasing gap between the rich and poor by increasing his beard as Asharam who came as a pauper to India after partition to Kutch port with Advani have added to their wealth and turned into billionaires including his friends Ambani and Adani.

After the presentation of the budget by the present Finance Minister characterized by  the economists of India told  that she does not know ABC of economics and no knowledge of public finance. Before the presentation of the budget this year she and her team told about Keynes and sometime back there was news that Keynes will dominate the philosophy of the 2021 budget making. But those are illiterate in political economy they cannot understand the philosophy of Keynes whose thinking shaped the economic policy of the years of the early 1930s severe economic depression.

 Sunny Deol's Gadar film speaks a lot of false patriotism and the film is the worst Hindi film and his hero turned into a BJP MP and his election agent Deep Sidhu proved his film hero and turned into a title of the film Gadar and he turned into a poster boy of the BJP and worked for Modi and Shah who cannot be pardoned by the farmers of India. His step mother Hema Malini turned into a false farmer by holding some rice plants in her hand. Three days before the election there were ten people in her meeting at Mathura constituency, but she got elected by rigging the EVM and these false heroes have hijacked at the red fort and Deol's agent went up to the Red fort and put a Khalsa flag to satisfy the Modi and Shah not the farmers of India.

The BJP in West Bengal does not take the name of SP Mukherjee for winning the election, on the contrary they took the names of Netaji Tagore and Vivekanand who do not have any association with the BJP. Shyma Prasad Mukherjee belongs to aristocratic Brahmin family of Bengal. He was the leader of Brahmins of Bengal at one time. Bengali Brahmins supported the formation of the Hindutva politics with the Brahmins of Maharastra but with the passage of time social reforms launched by Ram Mohan Ray to Gandhi and Communists brought new consciousness among the Brahmins who boycotted the Hindutva politics. As Bengal does not have caste identity in politics and the BJP does not want to quote Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. Brahmins of Bengal will not support the BJP and Modi Shah have a dilemma how to enter into Bengal politics and they are appealing to Bengali sentiment through Tagore and Netaji both were secular and democratic and anti feudal leaders and writers. On the government's function on Netaji Modi wanted to speak like a politician which he does not understand the sanctity of the function. Netaji is a man having respect to all top politicians of India Gandhi Nehru and stood for a secular state. He openly told the Hindumahasabha as a fascist which irritates the PM after opening the file on Netaji. After seeing the sentence he closed the file. He is today squeezed by the farmers protest which he is making an attempt to win the election by any cost with the help of EVM which he will say that the opposition have no legal right to fight him as they are losing the election one after another. People are with him. Before he spoke all nonsense Mamata Banerjee warned that this was a government function and cannot be turned into election meeting which silenced him. Mamata knows how to speak bluntly to an arrogant PM in India.

 Modi's dressing style like Netaji or Tagore creates an illusion but illusion cannot be truth. Netaji tradition prevails with Jyoti Basu when the Vajpayee government came and he told clearly that " a home minister is a criminal" He was brave enough to speak out against the government. Advani felt scared of these words. Modi came to inaugurate the Netaji function where Mamata Banerjee as the chief minister sat making a distance from the communal germ and without bowing down to him the PM. On the contrary she spoke in a clearer and much lucid manner regarding Netaji's contribution specifically the Planning Commission has been dismantled by Modi. with that economy has got dismantled. Modi has been taught a lesson by her. Modi is wearing the dress of Tagore and he has not read any book on Tagore and he came to power in 2014 ordered the removal of Tagore's picture with that famous song 'keep head high' from the public places of Delhi and other cities. They are scared of Tagore and Netaji who fought for the nation in their beautiful words that Jai Hindi which came out from the mouth of Netaji and not Jai Shri Ram which is being used by the criminals in Odisha and Bengal.

 Kisan rally has entered in Delhi with the national flags in their hands to prove ‘ whose India is?’ It is the Modi raj or farmers rally. This is the rule of farmers who marched like French peasantry during the French revolution and gave slogan " no representation no tax" Today the farmers are articulating their demands to withdraw three black laws and make a law for procurement price. This is the struggle for democracy where all social classes need to participate in the process. Law making process has never taken the farmers interest into account. Furthermore the corporate houses hijacked the law making process which is against democracy and Indian Constitution. Constitution demands that the government is supposed to do justice for the majority of people. The majority are protesting and their demands need to be taken into account. The march has created a momentum for democratic politics where masses are participating in political rally by holding tractors rally.

 Such a massive movement by farmers all over India but does not create ripples in the BJP and RSS. The BJP had some dissident with liberal faces but they have been pushed out by Modi. The top brass of the RSS are waiting for a grape to fall into their mouths and then they will shout that grape is sour. Both the RSS and BJP have undergone the process of Nazification for last six years more so after the 2019. Each is ready to get a platform of the railways which would make them to mix Hindutva with the business. Such fairy tales are told by the RSS and they do not grumble against stone hearted Modi and Shah. There is no such opinion against these people within the rank and file of the party and the RSS for which they are with Modi and Shah. They are against the farmers’ movement. Farmers have decided to take the battle against Modi to another level which is going to happen on 26th January in defense of Indian Constitution by tractor march in Delhi.

Most of the retired civil servants write in favour of the agricultural laws which have been characterised by the farmers as black laws. They have a classical theory that these laws intend to liberate the poor marginal farmers from working on their small plots of land and they will be liberated from the land and move to industry as workers which does not happen as the Industry is stagnating for years under Modi. I have seen a marginal farmer in our village work on his field and feed his family and he has self respect in the village and takes siesta in the afternoon. Then goes back to the field and does some work related to his live stock economy. His children are unemployed but survive on the small plots of land. Their anger is against the farmers who live with the self respect and they should be pushed to destitute which can solve the problems of industrialization in India as the Industry is hungry for making profit not for employing the labour. What a beautiful solution given by the Atanu Purkayastha former agriculture Secretary to Bengal government. (Indian Express)

Farmers' protest has got further strengthened as the break down  between the government and the farmers' leaders took place today in the 11th round of discussion which indicate the Modi government does not understand peasant psychology. Peasant by its tradition talks more and they do not talk in a single word or a single sentence. The government does not have nominee who has the capacity to talk. The farmers are in a rebellious mood as they think this government does not have capacity to understand the problems of farmers and they do not have the language of dialogue with the farmers leaders. It looks like that the farmers take a cool position in the present struggle and stage a lengthy struggle.

After the tractors rally on Republic Day farmers have decided to take the struggle to another level. The government has decided to arrest the leaders of farmers except Deep Sidhu who was a terror agent hoisted a flag on the Red Fort. It has not demoralized the farmers as the farmers are protesting and their leaders’ presence does not matter as new leaders are coming from the rank and file of the farmers. This movement is going to another phase when the social trust between the government and farmers has fallen to the lowest level.

Prof Radhakanta Barik (retd), Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

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Jan 30, 2021

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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