"Fear is real today"

Radhakanta Barik

Trump's popularity is dwindling. He held his first political rally where only 6thousand people attended although one million registered. His friend Modi is ruling here hoping that his popularity is at height. He avoided visiting the election rally in Jharkhanda and Delhi. His Home Minister has been arresting anybody under the Sedition Charge as a judge says that there is no space in the jail. This is happening in India as fear haunts. This is happening without emergency and imagines what will happen if emergency is going to be declared. But Modi should test his popularity like Trump by holding political rally in Patna and Calcutta as Bihar and Bengal are going to face the assembly election.

Nevile Maxwell's book on India's war with China shows that Nehru got pressurized by the right-wing forces within the Congress and outside specifically the Jan Sangha to go for war as he was interested to go for a dialogue with their counterparts. Chinese Premier came down to Delhi to discuss the issues and settling the border issue. He returned back empty handed as the right wing already gheraoed Nehru and under whose pressures he had to drop the most competent and progressive defense Minister Krishna Menon.

Today the situation is different as Modi represents the most right-wing forces in the world and getting support from Trump and Israel Prime Minister. This axis wants to keep war psychology with its neighbors. Modi went for it but did not recognize the incursion of Chinese army as his purpose is solved by the killing of twenty soldiers whom he has sent to their homes carrying Modi's nationalism as some of them from Bihar which has galvanized the party to face the election to Bihar Assembly where the rumor has got spread that Indian soldiers destroyed the Chinese base and smashed the Chinese soldiers. This will be used as the election propaganda in the coming election.

PM Modi held a meeting with the majority of political parties after a long gap where he ignored some leading parties on the plea that they do not have enough representation in the parliament. This cannot be called an all-party meeting. But in the meeting the opposition raised the critical questions related Indo China border issues in Leh which he cuts a sorry figure as usual he has not done his homework properly. This brings the question that as he told in the end that there was no incursion of Chinese army into Indian territory nor their army attacked Indian army. This brings the question how do so many people get killed and a national mourning is going on. As his friend Trump is being caught by his senior official who claims that Trump had requested the Chinese authority to help him in the coming election to American Presidency. This debate is going on in various channels in USA. Furthermore has he requested Chinese counterparts to help him to win the assembly elections of Bihar and Bengal and this is the help he has received from China by killing twenty army persons.

Modi's visit to China 9 times which made him a close friend to China. In UPA time India's trade with China was around 1 billion but in Modi's time it is more than 6 billion which makes him to put all has eggs to one basket. Furthermore in most sectors of economy the Chinese has invested. The best example is the Mobile where Chinese parts around 70 percentages. Chinese private capital has invested in infrastructure in a big way specifically power sector. The RSS's anti-China campaign is a big hoax. Modi's anti Pakistan has not given him political benefits in the last one year where he lost two important states such as Jharkhanda and Delhi where he himself avoided campaigning. Is he planning to have anti-China campaign for political gains in the coming election of Bihar and Bengal? All these calculations cannot be ignored here as a he is a shrewd political manipulator.

Politics has been reduced to movement of pawns in the chessboard by China whereas India use the movement of king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and pawns to confront the Chinese pawns. This brings out truth that China want to reinforce its position in international politics without going to war as the leading American political scientist J Mearsheimer says in the debate in India Today. China has used its economic strength against the other neighbours including India and gave a warning do not be ambitious or be a stooge in the hands of USA which Trump is interested. Here the movement of King on India side makes it nervous and exposed its position vis a vis China. Chinese movement of pawns have succeeded to hit the Indian side badly and the King has lost all pawns and two bishops and two knights and he himself his sleepless nights. His unintelligent move has got exposed by the Opposition leaders in conclave of all parties with the PM.

Before the incidents between India and China and Asia was turning towards a multipolar region where China and India can contribute to balance of power in Asia. With the decline of India sharply under Modi India cannot emerge a power in Asia. Their concerned for Pakistan made them happy and remained in the dream land. They imagined themselves as power vis a vis Pakistan. They lost advantage of India in economic sense. India today is importing everything most of things from China. The slogan of indigenous growth by Modi is a bubble which is going to be burst now. Indian economy is having a negative rate of growth and Indian military power has reduced to Bhima's gada yudha as shown in video that soldiers on the border using muscle power against the Chinese soldiers. India is going to play second fiddle to China in Asian politics in coming days.

 The way sports organizations in Europe are taking up the cause of fighting against racialism needs to pursued by us. For instance we suffer from three Cs: caste discrimination, Communalism against the Muslims and colour prejudices or racialism. We can start campaigning against all these three Cs. We can campaign in colleges and schools on the first day of their entry into the colleges. The sports clubs specifically football and cricket clubs can campaign by wearing on their back we hate three Cs. Theatre and film halls can start with these campaigns. We have a long way to go to fight these evils.

During the BJP rule of six years whatever Modi used to say regarding the border issue that is final and others only orchestrated it. Their campaign against Pakistan has been done in a single voice. The incident like Phulwama has been raised doubts in many but the position of the BJP is one? That is the strategy of speaking lies hundred times turned into true. Then the most of the electronic channels start speaking and praising the position on border issue as his master's voice. For the first time on Chinese intrusion into Indian border in Leh has brought three versions. One by Defence Minister another by Foreign affairs Minister and the last one by Modi as the PM. All these contradictory positions exhibit the party committed to Hindutva's deep antagonistic to liberalism and constitutionalism is showing its cracks for the first time. Or it is an intelligent design of the party to confuse the public.

June 25, which we remember as the day Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared emergency which restricted freedom of an individual, social group or class and political parties and suspended the Chapter of Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution. As a student of JNU some of us got arrested by Delhi police on June 26 and we were detained in the police station for 12 hours and we were left by the police and six of our friends got jailed. It is painful chapter in Indian Politics but today things are worse than the Emergency. Modi Shah knows that no point of imposition of emergency which is a constitutional act it is better to put as many young activists in the jail and many thinkers are being kept as the urban Naxals for some years. Many reporters are in jail for no fault of them. They have done their regular reporting. Today Muslims, Dalits and tribals and many progressive intellectuals are either in the jail and harassed for no reason. Many political leaders are being harassed and kept in the jail. The ED is behind many of them. There are other police cases against them. The leaders in the opposition are being paid huge money as reported that around 25 crores which is being paid for buying one MLA. They are able to remove the opposition governments in many states without winning the election. India is facing the Chinese attack on the border but the PM is telling that no incursion into Indian territory. As satellite reports say that Chines incursion is there and Chinese army is building roads and housing complex on the border. In some parts of India specifically J and K there is no freedom for an ordinary citizen and it is virtually military rule. Today various institutions which work as the pillars of democracy are pushed to ground. Judiciary and media and the Election Commission and CBI are working on the dictates of the government and many of them are the nominees of the present government. We are in worse than emergency in terms of freedom and security. Fear is haunting all of us and ordinary citizen is in deep difficulty as no employment no food and no freedom. Fear is the eternal rule of the present regime.
I am monarch of all I survey,
My right there is none to dispute;
From the centre all round to the sea,
I am lord of the fowl and the brute.

This poem of William Cowper I read in my school days and I realised it while walking in the park of Delhi today without any soul. Indian middle class is a scared of Corona and scared of police and scared of Modi and scared of China and they are not coming for the morning walks. This class is so timid that I was alone in the park with all its beauties. Trees flowers and birds surrounded by big green lawns I feel the song Cowper in my veins today.

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Jun 29, 2020

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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