Things fall apart

Radhakanta Barik

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold’: This is an appropriate observation over the present economic and political situation in our country. The centre under Modi is going for CAA and NRC and most of the states in the periphery have passed resolutions in opposition to these laws. On the floor of parliament, Shah has started fumbling over these issues. The banking sector is getting disintegrated with the collapse of Yes Bank. The real thugs are Ambani, Subhash Chandra who have plundered most its money more than twenty thousand crores. Communal riots have been organised by the RSS monitored by the Home Ministry. People are protesting against the inaction of the Delhi police force of 80000 people. There is a popular protest against the CAA by women all over India but the government instead of negotiating with them demanding their withdrawal. Stock Exchange is down by 3000 points which has happened for the first time in the history. Budget has been presented but does not tally between resource mobilisation vs its expenditure. Prof Rassiuddin Khan used to crack a joke in our MA class while teaching international politics by telling those days that India should not go in the lines of African country where state is collapsing and military takeover is going on one after another. This sort of precarious situation is creating fear in the minds that India is going towards an African state. Modi has decided not to celebrate Holi. Recently he celebrated Holi with human blood in the capital city of Delhi and now he is celebrating with the Prince Scindia whose grandparents were the great supporters of the RSS. While I was working over my book on Saffron Regime and looking for materials on Vajpayee I got a lot of information regarding the role of Scindia in the formation of the RSS and Vajpayee as a young boy grew in the environment of the RSS of Gwalior town. He has returned back to his own place. Nothing to be worried as the BJP is interested in creating tremors in India as they have no major state under their control except UP. MP is the second important state which is interested in capturing. As the present Congress Government took the investigation into VYPAM to a culmination in the last month against the former chief minister of MP. VYPAM type of corruption has eroded the credibility of all public institutions for selection of students into medical college or into Public Service Recruitment organisation. These posts were filled up by the sons and daughters of the RSS workers. This inquiry into such a serious case has resulted in the down fall of the Congress Government. Modi and Shah cannot remain silent spectators as they are interested in Toda Moda which is their job. This job they have done well.

Two royal families of India were loyal to the Britishers and are active today in Indian politics. Singhdeo family from Bolangir and Scindia family from Gowaliar both were the great supporters of the British rule and became active in politics after Independence. Singhdeo family became active in politics of the Rajas as known as the Swatantra Party which later merged with the Jansangha or renamed as the BJP today. They are active in politics and getting elected from the BJP and other local parties and the Congress. In their blood the Hindutva jerm is flowing and one should be careful of them. Singhdeos and Scindias - their clan - near and dear ones continue till today their singing their hymn of servitude and screwing the nation - greasy party hoppers - they need free loading and kuche bhi miljaye - bone idlepread of Coronavirus in India which has resulted in 76 victims and one death can make the central government responsible as the PM Modi and his health minister are busy on everything except taking preventive measures for not spreading the disease. It was possible as reports of Coronavirus came from China and Italy, our government could have either prevented their people to travel to India or isolated them in the airport itself. Nothing they did as the disease has spread from one end to the other and these people are conspiratorial minds could have negotiated with the Multinational medicine company for getting some contract to their charmed industrialists like the collapse of the Yes bank.

Shah as the Home Minister has given a correct information regarding the riots of Delhi that rioters came from outside of Delhi. But no answer about their whereabouts or anybody has not yet arrested. In media information are available regarding these rioters that they are the professional rioters came from Muzaffarnagar of UP carrying illegal guns from the illegal gun factory have been used by the rioters. The Home Ministry has enough resources to arrest them but yet they have not done as they have not arrested Kapil Mishra who instigated rioters to attack the common people. They stayed in a school overnight and local informer have provided them information regarding the houses to be burnt and destroyed. They went to the roof top of the private hospital from where they fired at the common people but no arrest has been made of the Doctor in charge of hospital. Then the local people have plundered wealth of the Muslims. Furthermore, information from the Home Minister are highly selective as the arrests have been made most of them are from the Muslim community. It seems that his own role needs to studied by a proper judicial inquiry conducted by the sitting judge. Yesterday the debates on communal carnage in Delhi in the Lok Sabha shows that the Home Minister has provided a information not prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs but the Jandewala Road. Such a poor show in response to a well-documented speech by Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury of the opposition leader. It looks like as the Home Minister's statement defending the police action, action has been taken against the rioters, use of petrol bombs guns and pistols show that he is not admitting the failure of administration but it is a success as per the pogrom has been executed in a careful planned manner according to the Home Minister. This is the genocide against the Muslims planned by the Home Ministry with their local political leaders. Modieconomics has some ingredients: that any industrialist makes loss and then losses to be shared by people. But he or she makes profit then it is his. Then when industrialists are modern royal families according to the RSS as it believes that kings have royal blood need to rule over people. For them Nepal King is supposed to be best king as he used to control over the Hindu kingdom. After his overthrow by people of Nepal, BJP has not recognized the new government. As modern-day kings are the industrialists their losses need to be taken care of by Modi government. Anil Ambani declared some days back in the court of London as bankrupt and then he was allowed by the government to withdraw the highest amount from Yes Bank. G tv owner Subhash Chandr who supplies fake videos need to be paid by the government. His channel used fake video of JNU where Ajadi slogans got raised and turned anti national and was allowed by the present government to withdraw the maximum amount from the Yes Bank. Modi's charmed club has some big industrialists and two of them we reported who plundered the wealth of Yes Bank. But the top boss of the Yes bank Shri Kapoor has been arrested and he is the first banker who praised Demonitisation as the best economics for the nation. Today he has fallen out from Modi's charmed circle who got arrested by ED. Yes bank needs to be refurnished with the people's money deposited in the SBI and Life Insurance Corporation. He has brought a new theory of Economics which he can teach in Harvard University after retirement from the Prime Minister.

Delhi as the national capital has been turned into three compartments: in one compartment the RSS are attacking the Muslims, In the compartment-2 the Election Commission, Judiciary and CBI and ED, in the compartment-3 the banks are getting looted by the known persons like Anil Ambani, Adani and G tv owner. The master key is with the person having a sound sleep in the house with six Oxygen cylinders located in Safdarjung-1. Whenever it is required to open the compartment and master key is being used. First the RSS goonds started attacking the Muslims with the help of Police which is badly directed as stupid audience are able guess who has directed. The Judiciary is acting against those who fight for human rights directed by the same person. The third Yes Bank has been looted by the Director's friends and then Director has connected the dried up bank with the another water tank SBI which is full of water. Well directed and well managed games and stupid audience are still dreaming when the Pakistan is going to be attacked by the Indian army. Coronavirus has affected the Indian financial sector which resulted in the death of one bank Yes Bank. Other banks are going to follow the footsteps of the Yes Bank as the government policy by using a healthy bank like SBI for saving the sick Yes Bank. As any body comes in contact with the person affected with Coronavirus is going to be affected by the deadly disease. It seems that SBI may face this disease soon as a pensioner my all savings are in the bank if it collapses, I will die. Coronavirus has affected the North East Delhi brought by the affected person Kapil Mishra who spread it in whole Delhi which has resulted in death of fifty persons. Coronavirus will not affect ruling politicians as they drink cow urine which has saved them. Let Modi and Shah have a long life.

Public administration teaches us a basic principle of management of a disaster that police protection is required in post disaster scene. But in Delhi after the riots the Hindu neighbours found their Muslim neighbours have fled away to safe places which make an opportune moment for stealing from their houses. This is where Hinduism perishes as it does not teach how to behave with a neighbour as Christianity teaches. This has further worsened with the rise of Hindutva which teaches you to hate neighbour if necessary, go for stealing their property. This is happening in East Delhi which makes the local people furious regarding such low quality of human behaviour. There is no such police protection of their houses and property which happened by local community during the partition. it seems that the RSS has turned vicious after the partition. They think either this time they will realise the Hindu rastra or never. Modi will be replacing a HIndu god Brahma who is the creater in Hindu mythology. This brings a lesson he with his army and police are ready to fight the last battle for creating the Hindu rastra. The RSS is ready to go for human blood which is necessary for this activity. We must create an alternative plan to defend the rights of common people and Indian Constitution.

An American story writer O' Connor's 'A Good Man is Hard to find' is coming true in the case of North East riots of Delhi. In the story an old woman searches for a good man in Southern America where the blacks were getting tortured and maimed. She is afraid of going there as it is difficult to find a good man. The same thing is happening in Delhi. That we used to believe in the story that only outsiders came and attacked the Muslims. But now reports are available to public view that there are a large number of local Hindus started attacking their neighbors. Here there is similarity with Gujarat riots as a Gujarati lady Doctor Kodnani led a group of the supporters of the Hindutva to attack the Muslim neighbors and killed many including children and women. She later became the Minister in Modi's cabinet and got punished with the intervention of the Supreme Court when the trial got shifted out of Gujarat. Here in Delhi there is another case a Doctor's private hospital has been used by a group of 70 people to attack the Muslims and one of them was holding the gun and shot at them which killed some. In another case the Muslims found their neighbors were attacking them. The video record is available. Gujarat got repeated under the direction of powerful people working in the Modi's cabinet. The reports are now available those who fled away from the riot affected areas their houses have plundered by the local people. The American story writer is right that it is difficult to find a good man in the case of riots against the Muslims in Delhi as these people are the merchants of hatred. True colour of fascism is coming to public view. After Modi got elected, they started targeting the Muslims, working class leader and Kisans and students and dissident intellectuals. These people created trained cow vigilantes who attacked the Muslims whenever they found on the streets with cows as if cows do not give milk to others except the Hindus. They targeted dissident intellectuals by killing them in Maharashtra and Karnatak. The investigation found that all these events have an interconnected story. The culprits are the same. Till today no body is being punished as they protect these criminals. They have upgraded the cow vigilantes in Modi -2 to make them arsonists and destroying the houses and properties of the Muslims in the city of Delhi. They saw that police men were nowhere nearby. Now they are targeting the opposition leaders such as the Congress leader's office in his residence in Delhi has been destroyed. Choudhuri is a fascinating opposition leader reminding them with the stories of development launched by the Congress Party after Independence. Starting from big dams, power projects, steel plants and atomic energy plants and IITs and Universities all these monumental works of the government get destroyed by the people belonged to Modi. They are ready to dismantle every industry and economic activity as Hanuman did to Golden Lanka. This makes them angry and they used CBI and ED against him but he is too innocent to be caught by these activities.They targeted him in his residence in Delhi to terrorize him. This is the way fascism destroyed parliament in Germany and attacked the opposition with the help of SS which is the work of the RSS.

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Mar 17, 2020

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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