Restoration of Environment in the Lock Down Period

Gautam Kumar Das

The wonderful restoration of the decayed environment and Atmosphere, very closely visible to the common people as well as to the world-class scientists during different lock down periods in different countries for the recent crisis due to COVID-19 outbreak globally, indicates that the time may restore environment in due course which is badly in need of a restorative. This type of environmental restoration is viewed in Mumbai very recently where thousands of flamingos have flocked to Mumbai and create a sea of pink during nation-wide lock down. Flamingos have taken over Mumbai and they’re showing up in unusually high numbers as they migrate during lock down, turning lakes pink as the air is much cleaner, there is no pollution. It is rare to see them arrive in such numbers. Clearer skies, quieter streets and cleaner air are thought to have made the usually polluted second largest city of India more attractive to bird life. The flamingos have also been seen in wetlands where they used to be rarity - reported by the officials of the Bombay Natural History Society. During the same period of lock down, peacocks are seen meandering on the roadways of Barrackpur and Mumbai, and elephants are moving in the human habitation zone in the town areas of Haridwar. These are the tales of environmental restoration in and around of our country. Globally, social distancing restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, which would make crewing vessels and process in whales impractical. This change in attitude is seemingly a consequence of a dramatic shift in Iceland, Norway and Japan, three whale hunting countries. Further, before such outbreak of corona virus, yearly increase by 34% in whale watchers was greater in the earlier months of 2020 than the number of people who went cetacean spotting in 2000 in these whaling nations. Among such good news, a few despairing news like seven big cats at Bronx Zoo in New York City have tested positive for COVID-19, but are expected to make full recoveries. For such carelessness, the people would like to know who has not been maintaining social distance with freaking tigers.

During the same period, a disturbing fake news spread rapidly when the UN’s meteorological agency reported that the largest ever hole that has been detected in the ozone layer over the Arctic has closed. The record ozone hole disappears over the Arctic just weeks after being discovered. This unprecedented ozone hole close up over the Arctic, the AccuWeather, a non-government weather agency, states that the beginning and end have nothing to do with climate change, global warming or a reduction in air pollution because of the corona virus pandemic. The ozone layer provides a buffer for the earth, filtering out dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun is closed and caused not by human activity but a particularly strong Arctic Polar Vortex. Global warming is changing the polar vortex pattern, corona-chain shut down all CFC emission on the planet. A few scientists criticize on such type of interpretation stating if this natural event described is really the cause, there would be no more hole in the ozone layer years ago. Further, NASA reports very recently about an epic dance between unlikely partners - black holes which their scientists have determined the precise timing of a dance between two enormous black holes, revealing hidden details about the physical characteristics of these mysterious cosmic objects.

We must have to learn a lesson from such restoration capabilities of both the environment and atmosphere in the lock down period that we need to act as one, we are in one planet, we have one plant kingdom, one animal kingdom, one religion that is humanity and we could interpret with the concept and theories of science. In the physical distancing period, we have felt isolated at first, we realize we could help by sharing such information and instances of restoration of environment and atmosphere with other family and friends that teach us rights of the environment of the plants and animals are our rights, their planet is our planet. Actually lock down decision of almost all the countries in this planet earth due to corona pandemic helps a little bit for the restoration of diverse ecosystems, ecosystem biodiversity and resilience while also recognizing impacts on rural livelihoods and carbon storage.

May 11, 2020

 Gautam Kumar Das

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