A simple truth in the Polluted Times

M A Vasu

A lethal virus
A levitating poison in the air
A loathsome war Contexts might be contrasting
Call them by numerous names
But enemies all 
Confronting very existence on the Earth
The gale currently gushing
In the tainted times 
The stenching smell all around
Encircled the troposphere 
The virus from Wuhan 
Would trot around the world cozily
Union Carbide of the US 
Could spray toxins in Bhopal
Korean company in the Coastal City
Can spume deaths when people are fast asleep
Still, revel with Trump and his stooges
Feast on festivals of "Democracy"
Feel smug with unabated destruction
Did we learn to cohabit with death?
Then, why not sing hosannas of freedom
Offering all as corbans to the imperialist Almighty
Believing Communism was of bygone times
The times are pitiless
It is dehumanising us, and
Eviscerating entire life on the earth
The current times are even more merciless
Each morning waves of death news 
The deity of death pronouncing its dictates 
As if the rulers are their mouth pieces
  The befouled times
Are mutating humans
And releasing them on the planet
At the dawn of Bhuddha's Birth, 
Vicious gases woke up Visakha
As if enlightening us that grief is global
And Society standing as Bodhi tree
The concept of Global village
Reminds us again and again
What Marx cautioned:
Capital dehumanises the world
At a time, all forms of beings
Rummaging for specks of life in mountains of death
When dolour is cascading down to earth
Let us rediscover simple life truths, once again
On our mother earth, from microbes to mammals
Can't we live with symbiosis?
Chop off the roots of the monster with clay feet
Ruthless in ruling the roost our realms of thoughts
Desist to be a tool in the dollars' hunt,
Endeavour to entomb the capitalism 
Surviving on ventilators
For our beloved Gaia
Such a benelovent destruction 
No less a revolution
A Nirvana from all grief
A liberation from all greed
A rebirth of a new human
And new planet
(Translated from Telugu by Charvaka)

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May 18, 2020

M A Vasu

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