The Saga of Stranded People – Future Tense

Dilip Banerjee

The India is gearing up to exit from the lockdown that had brought life to a standstill halting all economic activity over more than 50 days. This was the only way India could attempt to keep the casualties down given the poor health infrastructure and the population density. To an extent, it has worked with the fatality count at a little over 2000 while the infected count s over 70,000.

But the challenge begins now as services like railways public transport are started and offices and factories begin functioning. While many of the stranded citizens hope to get back to their destination, a whole lot more remain stranded as they do not have the money or wherewithal to board the special trains.

These photographs tell stories of these people who hope to find a way to board trains and make their way home after remain stranded for nearly two months. The economically challenged remain the worst hit as they no have the money nor access to the internet to buy tickets electronically.


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


Home Bound Migrant Labour and Family


A distressed and weeping mother with her child after being thrown out by the police as they had no ticket to travel. Her husand was allegedly beaten up and is now missing


The picture of times to come. A man walks by in full protective gear of a PPE


The migrant labour has no money to buy a ticket or feed himself. Waiting for 5 days in a row at New Delhi Railway station


These young men have been turned out of their homes by the landlord as they are unable to pay rent. Mayur Vihar New Delhi


The first lot of stranded travlers who boarded trains as Railways begun services


This yong professional continues his work from home sic street as he plans to go back to his hometown albeit without permission from his employers


Two young stranded students who were studying Aeronatic Engineering in Dehradun. They remained lockeddown in Delhi in transit. Now looking to gome home to Hyderabad


Waiting for hours together for train at New Delhi Railway Station


Waiting for their chance to get on to the trains


An elderly man waits for his cance to board the train New Delhi Railway Station

Dilip Banerjee is a veteran Photo Journalist. He worked in a number of mainstream Newspapers & Magazines.

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May 18, 2020

Dilip Banerjee

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