Data Puzzling in Politics

Harasankar Adhikari

Data represent facts and figures. It is a mode of authenticity and actualization of any incident or research and related issues in everyday life in a scientific society. Descriptions and explanations are anchored in sense experience. It determines sensibility in accounting of statement, and it also refers the happenings that are describable in sensory terms. Objectives of presentation of data are to be impartial and unbiased. It should be verifiable to make clear the essential intersubjective and equivalent to public knowledge. Quantification of fact is meant to justify the truth behind the fact. Sometimes, sample error indicates wrong explanation of the fact.

According to the nature of the fact, data determine the human psychology with joy/hope/sorrow/fear. It reflects both positivity and negativity in human mind. Positivity ensures to go ahead, and negativity is the cause of anxiety, depression and so forth. Both sides have an impact on propaganda and public opinion.

Now during this time of the pandemic, government and its administration are involved with puzzling of data of Coronavirus infected, recovery from infection and death of people individual tactically. Its very aim is to suppress the information. Here daily update is very simple because it is nothing the presentation of simple numeric. But in some cases, government presents in percentage and even sometimes number in per million. It is simply to puzzle the public,and they would avoid to know the real fact. Itmay help to propagate and to create a public opinion that a state is safe and government and its administration are doing good job for them. Psychologically, it may be relaxed, and anxiety and fear of people may be reduced because they think that they are safe from this deadly infection. Politically it is the greatest weakness of the government that it has failed to combat the situation. But this puzzling of data would be a blunder to break the law and order enforced during this crisis to keep people in safe.

Fortunately, people are more conscious, and they are acquainted with the fact with the help of various media. So, they compare with other states, and they are doubtful towards government. Therefore, it has an adverse impact. And in the near future, it would burden to the government for its crude politics. People are losing faith on government.

This puzzling of data or purposive mishandling of data would create psychologically break down and it would be a danger for all. People would once again be a victim of politics badly.

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May 20 2020

Harasankar Adhikari

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