Future Uncertain: At the Time of Covid 19

Dilip Banerjee

The Corona Virus that hit the world at the fag end of 2019 as a health issue in Wuhan China turned into a full-blown pandemic by January 2020, the beginning of a new decade. A year that will be etched in history as one which made humanity rethink.  More than 120 countries across the world have been affected by this virus which has taken a toll of millions of lives across the world. It has spared no one, and has spread like a wild fire across nations, touching and disrupting human lives. What started as a health problem very quickly transformed into an economic one which is now a global humanitarian challenge. 

India's story is far more poignant as while we have managed to keep fatalities low thanks to the strictest lockdown in the world, people are now dying due to starvation and loss of livelihoods. According to CMIE data, we have lost 120 million jobs/livelihoods over the last few weeks of the total workforce of 406 million. About 60 million of the workforces are contract labourers who work in our cities building our homes, or roads and bridges for our cars to ply on. 

Today these very men and women have been uprooted from their shelters, their lives torn apart, with no certainty of their future. 

These pictures are a snap shot of the people (mainly children and mothers) who are stranded waiting and trying to make their way back to the villages.  


Miles to go. A young father with his child on his back trudges on foot to go back to his home (500 Km) in Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh from a construction site in Ghaziabad.


On the Move - Although all decked up with her sindoor and jewellery, her tired eyes speak a different language


A child held by his mother looking on with a frown as he dosent know when he will see his home again. A woman waiting for transport with her child in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. April 2020


Children gathered together with uncerainity written all over their faces - No safe distancing possible and it is now about a safe journey back home


A young boy with a blank look as he waits with his family for hours together for police permission to board buses


These children are suddenly overjoyed as they receive masks from a passerby in Jewar Uttar Pradesh. April 2020


Ragpicker teenagers at railway stations indulge in playing cards during the lockdown as no trains ply. Paharganj New Delhi Station April 2020


These little girls have finally boarded a bus on their way home with their parents


These little girls have finally boarded a bus on their way home with their parents


Where hands speak more than words or eyes. A woman with her child, covered faces, with folded hand pleas for food packets in lal Kua Uttar Pradesh April 2020

Dilip Banerjee is a veteran Photo Journalist. He worked in a number of mainstream Newspapers & Magazines.

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May 6, 2020

Dilip Banerjee

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