In response to Anjan Basu's rejoinder to Nirmalangshu Mukherji's write-up - "Politics of The Padayatra-1"

Amitabha Basu

Anjan Basu's observation on the peace march through the Adivasi heartland, and N Mukherjee's comments that 'armchair activists' like Gautam Navlakha are propounding the Maoist cause, is absolutely spot on. Mr Mukherjee may be a votary of non-violence, but to accuse human rights activists of advocating Maoist violence shows that he is either utterly ignorant of the track record of these activists (highly unlikely) or that he is a supporter of the state that hounds the Adivasis and the activists alike. Critiquing the Maoist strategies and tactics is one thing, but to accuse the activists of promoting Maoist violence is parroting state propaganda.

Oct 15, 2018

Amitabha Basu [email protected]

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