Modi’s politics pushed India below Bangladesh?

Radhakanta Barik

Supporters of Modi in America are the supporters of Trump is an interesting one. Trump is openly a right winger who does not have regard for institutions such as media, court and public which happen to Modi's politics. Only difference is this that Modi manipulates these institutions through TRP of the media and through chief Justice of Supreme Court and a pliable bench and public which he thinks can be manipulated with the anti Pakistan slogans. Trump is against the children who separated children from their refugee parents without any concern. This is not happening in India which he initiated with the CAA for segregating the Muslims from others. with the massive public protest, it turns into a dead issue. He is anti parliament which Trump is anti Senate and he wants to appoint the conservative Judge into the Supreme Court to manipulate the judgment in favour of him. But in America media and the public intellectuals specifically academia and journalists are dead against the activities of Trump. Here the media is highly servile and academia is highly non concerned of the interests of public.

Modi's support base in India is declining but it is increasing in America which is a paradox. Some years back the labour from Bangladesh came to India to work for which  Modi’s guru Advani as the Home Minister made the project of  fencing the border which was opposed by many experts who advised Advani to go for investing in the poorer state by which workers do not come to India. Hindutva led by Modi Shah gave slogans that Bangladeshis are there in every state for which they want to introduce the NRC and CAA which got stiff opposition from all states except the BJP. Now the labour from India will illegally enter into Bangladesh to work for their livelihoods which Modi succeeded to do so. After some time Indians will migrate to all foreign countries as DC or dish cleaners. Indians are aware of DC as District collector or Commissioner but today they will go and work in foreign countries as DC or dish cleaners. It is a success of the Hindutva under Modi to create our economy poorer than Bangladesh.

India is going to be poorer than Bangladesh according to the IMF report which is startling news today. Some years back Bangladesh according to Kissinger, Foreign Secretary of USA told the state as 'beggars' basket' and today they are better off than India. Nothing to disbelieve it as Bangladesh for last twenty years have invested in health and education and micro credit for women which have improved the quality of life. In human development Index Bangladesh is ahead of India. This is giving back the result as they have better health infrastructure to face the Corona and they did not go blindly for Lockdown as done in India by Modi. This has destroyed our economy and increased our unemployment rate to 24% and GDP is down by 12%. Such an economy has pushed more people into poverty trap and their level of consumption has declined. For last six years Modi has not created one hospital for public. During Corona he has not opened one public hospital for the last six months. Many state governments like Kerala and Odisha have opened new hospitals but Modi government is flooded with money but no investment in health and education. The attack on farmers and workers have pushed these powerful groups to take a militant stand against the government. One does not know how many working days are going to be lost for their agitations. Modi and Shah used corona fascism to arrest social activists and students and professors under UAPA and this is the only benefit Indians have got from his government. Deaths due to corona has reached million which is not going to end as their do not have food to eat and their health will further deteriorate.

All studies show consumption level of masses is falling down as they do not have enough money in their pockets. Labour in the city used to have chapati plus chana curry but have gone back to chapati plus pickle. Rural people having no money in their pockets as most of them lost their income because of the Lockdown which destroyed their sources of income such as livestock economy and horticulture which pushed people back to have rice and salt once more without vegetables or non veg. Modi government has not taken any step in ameliorating the economic conditions of people. This reflects in global hunger index which tells that India is at 94 out of 107 countries. Pakistan and Bangladesh are much ahead of India. Modi's anti Pakistan slogan for six years has pushed India lower than Pakistan which explains his false ego.

Farmers of India are the first class of people who protested against Modi government and Modi under the pressures from the farmers invited them to hold discussion with his government. It is interesting to note that their representatives of farmers came from Punjab  to attend the conference with the Agriculture Minister but shokingly the minister remained absent and the Secretary was present. As one knows that the Secretary cannot take a decision without consultation with the minister. It is a bluff against the farmers and they know the importance of Modi as bluff master. They decided to leave the conference without waiting for the arrival of the minister. Farmers are going to make the battle more aggressive in coming days.

Attack on Tanishq Store by the RSS members is showing its symbolic value in the context of Hindutva as an ideology of corporate capitalism needs to be evaluated here. Hitler's private army SS created terror against the corporate capitalism of Germany which resulted in killing of a large number of SS members by Hitler. Will it happen here the same thing?. As Modi redefined Hindutva into an ideology of corporate capitalism and the attacks may be a blow to his brand of fascism. It is worth to take into account of the attacks on Tanishq owned by Tata who himself walked to the RSS headquarter some time back in Nagpur which is a rare event in the history of Tata house.

Bollywood is an industry employs a million workers which functions as a regular business. The media as another industry cannot abuse the other industry. Freedom is what one can stretch his or her hand which should not touch other's nose. This requires ethics and laws to function but the media as close to the present government wants to abuse its freedom against the other industry is unethical and illegal. The case filed by the Bollywood will take a new turn in the defense of freedom.

Politics of the Ram Mandir started by the BJP in the year 1990 which destroyed the only industrial city of UP -Kanpur. The reason for destroying the city by creating communal riots there which affected the industrial production which resulted in the closure of many industries. Today Yogi government is planning to destroy another city- Agra which was the major industrial and tourist town before the British rule. By destroying it which will affect the millions of people living there and getting their livelihoods by working for the tourism as an industry. Yogi government will destroy the second city of UP by creating his tourism policy.

Shakespeare for every season. Reading of his tragedies brings out truth of Indian politics. Modi as a ruler has destroyed the economy which is poorer than Bangladesh. Human rights violation is rampant in India. He initiated communal frenzy by creating cow vigilantes and today he is initiating a caste war specifically in the biggest province of UP. The Delhi communal riots got organized by the RSS workers from UP but the allegations have worked out  to create fear among the social activists. Most of activists are in jail including young students from JNU, Jamia and DU. India is bleeding under Modi Raj. This brings out truth of Macbeth's rule in Scotland. Here a statement by a friend of Macbeth regarding his rule:
“ Bleed Bleed , poor country
Great tyranny, lay thou thy basis sure
For goodness dare not check thee.”

Suhas Palshikar Professor from Pune University writes in an article on Dalit Politics in Indian Express and placing the incident of Hathras in it. He finds that Mayawati is unable to protest against the incident and only gave remark which is highly innocuous. The party of Late Ram Vilas Paswan abandoned Dalit politics to have berth in cabinet. Even as Food Minister he could not stand against Modi in providing food to migrant workers where he told straight that food was for the emergency. Out of migrant labour one study shows that sixty percentages of workers belong to Dalits. Such a servile politician cannot stand against the attacks on Dalits as they are interested to have power without politics. They misunderstood Ambedkar that political power can transform a society but only party Congress a secular party and left parties could go to Hathras and stand against the crimes against women and crimes against Dalits. It seems that only secularism can push Dalits into process of empowerment not other way round. This brings the dialogue between Gandhi and Ambedkar which resulted in Poona Pact and reservation for Dalits in assemblies, jobs and educational institutions. It is politics decide the affairs of the Dalits not other way round. He referred to an article by Amit Ahuja who suggests that Dalits by distributing in all parties can enlarge their space which does not stand in today's politics. Modi Shah Politics aims to keep Dalits subordinate as the invention of social hierarchy happens which allows them to keep a notorious criminal Yogi as the Chief Minister of UP and whose only aim to create caste conflicts in the province by which they retain power by ignoring the Dalits. He is doing politics of thakur brahmin power by sharing all key positions like DM and SP among these two castes. They took a stand in Hathras by pressuring the victim's family to change the statement without providing justice and the Additional DG of police giving a statement that rape has not happened. This sort of shadow boxing going on as they are servile to Hindutva politics which does not believe in equality and justice. Then question does not arise that by dalits remaining in all parties will function effectively. They have to work within the secular political parties to fight with others for equality and justice. No other way around.

Modi behaves like an elected king of Indian Republic who is not ready to listen to the best economists of the world and India which has resulted in destroying economy and social fabric of the society.

Prof Radhakanta Barik (retd), Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

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Oct 24, 2020

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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