Rise for building India and for freedom

A call from PCC CPI(ML)

Subhash Deb

There is a deep concern among the policymakers on the drastic fall of GDP growth rate. The concern is legitimate so long as it is viewed as the availability of resources for developmental work by the state. But so far, GDP has been an indicator of capitalist development for accumulation of capital in the hands of few private owners of means of production and corporate giant to increase inequality in the society, more pronouncedly in the neo-liberal phase of global capitalism. India is no exception in emphasising the GDP growth rate from this perspective.

In this context, the fall of GDP growth rate is not always bad provided the Government plans to support the domestic economy ensuring social welfare, workers rights, domestic productive investments, and expansion of domestic market by curtailing unproductive expenditure and corporate-bailout packages. But unfortunately, the present Government in power is pursuing an economic policy that links the Indian market to the US imperialist interest and supports the corporate owners, especially the Adanis and Ambanis. This policy which is detrimental to the interest of the Indian people vis-à-vis nation deepens the crisis further. Thus, this policy finds the power-that-be in the terrain of authoritarian state and compels the state to apply coercive measures, state-repression through curtailment of working class and human rights. This is the domestic ramification of Government’s present policy persuasions.

In the external front, sitting on the harum-scarum policy of economy and politics, the present dispensation tries to stir up pent-up patriotism of masses by mendacious self-praise and Hindutva jingoism. As this is fundamentally anti-people and anti-Indian, they resort more to reactionary policy of arms race and arms purchase than relying on the strength of the united power of the Indian masses to fight external aggression, when it is imperative to curtail defense budget for revival of domestic economy. The economy of defense production is a short-term measure for generating a small number of employment opportunity and it does not contribute to even reviving the capitalist economy in foreseeable future. This vicious cycle continues to weaken the nation in combating external pressure or aggression and compels the state to compromise with the interest of the nation.

In the event of rising power of Chinese expansionism in South-Asia, the Government policy is destined to doom and defeat. In the backdrop of the US economic downslide, the aligning with the US which is inclined to serve its own interest in the midst of US – China rivalry, to garner support from the US to serve India’s interest in the growing Chinese hegemony in South-Asia is misplaced and misconstrued and detrimental to the interest of Indian people.

But the Indian masses cannot accept the policy persuasions which lead them to misery, unfreedom and submission to the arm-twisting of external power. And that sets dual agenda for the working classes vis-à-vis the Indian people to fight for the rejuvenation of Indian economy, domestic production, workers’ rights, people’s welfare, right to health, right to natural wealth, and at the same time to oppose Chinese expansion and the US imperialist game-plan to rouse the Indian masses against all external aggressors unitedly with working class of all countries including China, because War, aggression and expansionist power are antithetical to the interest of the working class and people of all countries.

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Sep 4, 2020

Arup Kumar Baisya

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